Daffy and his Friend made it to Traverse and Taz saw something up there

Daffy: Hey! A star is going out!

They saw the Star blink out

Daffy: Come on. Let's go.

They are trying to find the Yellow Bunny

Daffy: Where's that Yellow Bunny?

Wile: Well, all we need to do is to find Ben.

And then he saw the Road Runner went it the Alley

Wile: Um. Daffy. Do you think that we should-

Daffy: Ah! What do you know. Coyote?

Wile: What do I know. Come on, Road Runner!

At the Alley, Road Runner saw Ace Unconscious so he peak him

Ace: Ugh. Huh? What a Dream.

Road Runner peak him harder

Ace: Ouch! Okay! This isn't a dream.

He get up and he's not in Acmetropolis

Ace: Where am I? Oh, man. Hey, do you know where I am.

Road Runner: Beep Beep!

He ran off

Ace: Wait! Strange?

He left the Alley and he saw a Town

Ace: What is this place? Am I in another world?

He went to Nearly and he meet Giroro

Giroro: Welcome to- Oh, you must be a Bunny who got lost.

Ace: I'm not lost. My name is Ace.

Giroro: Great to meet you. So what's wrong, Ace? You look sad?

Ace: I wasn't. Well, maybe. Where are we?

Giroro: Well, you see...

4 Minutes later

Ace: Traverse Town... So frog, is this really another world?

Giroro: My name is Giroro. Not sure what you're talking about, but this sure ain't your world. Well, good luck find your friends. If you ever run into trouble, you come to me. I'll look out for you.

Ace to the First District and he saw a man who lost his heart and it went to a Portal then a Heartless appeared

Ace: Those guys are from my city!

He is fighting them and went back to the first district

?????: don't tell me they were looking for you.

Ace: Who are you?

?????: They'll keep coming to find you. As long as you fight them with sword. But why? Why would they chose a Rabbit like you?

Ace: Um. What are you saying?

??????: Never mind. Now let me look at your sword.

Ace: No way! I'm not let you have it!

?????: Okay. You leave me no choice.

It was Garuru and he's gonna fight him

After the fight, he got Defeated and Ace look exhaust

Ace: See (Panting)I.... told you I can... I can

He fell down of exhaustion

?????: Boy. You're not very good, Tororo

It was Taruru and Tororo

Garuru: I should just go easy on him. And even though. Everything are getting worse then we though. A lot worst.


Duck has Awaken in another world

Duck: Where am I? Tech? Rev? Slam? Ace? Lexi? Where are you guys?

Then someone is looking at him

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