Ace Gecko
Ace Gecko
is one of the characters in Turbo F.A.S.T. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett who is famous for his role as Johnny Bravo.


Ace's first appearance was in "Ace of Race." He is overheard by Chet bragging of his speed, prowess, and overall superiority to snails. He even boasted he lapped Hardcase in a previous race. He wins Chet's shell off him in rigged contest, then makes a play for Turbo's. In the end Ace was exposed by threat of losing a bet, only to be revealed as an accomplice to an evil snail known as Breakneck.


Ace is self absorbed, charasmatic, indifferent, and an all around smooth talker. He captivates others with his 'modesty,' and agility. In so many words, Ace is very over confident in talents he doesn't otherwise possess. Speed being one of them. While he does live up to the sneaky speed, his main strength is his silvertongue and clever scams. Ace makes himself appear to be generous. An example is when he offers Turbo a chance to win his shell back. In truth it is a roose to lure his opponent in a false sense of security. 

What Ace may lack in speed he makes up for with his smooth talk. He's well adpet at praying on a persons ego. Chet and Turbo are perfect examples. He is able to tell what weighs on his opponents pride and use it to his advantage.


As it turns out, Gecko is just a catchy last name. Ace is actually a nute. An amphibious reptile. Where Ace comes from is unknown. How he met Breakneck is an even greater mystery. All that is known about Ace is that he is a clever conman.


  • Ace was attemtping to steal Chet and Turbo's shells most likely for Breakneck who stole Whiplashes shell in "Breakneck's Back." 
  • Ace is the first Non-Insect creature to air on the show

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