Dorami is running away from Dorapin who was order from Dr Achimov

Dorapin: Stop right there!

She use the Anywhere Door, Duck and Tech and they saw Dorami can out of the door. And then Dorapin appeared

Dorapin: You guys, haven you seen a Robot like me?

Tech: Nope. Sorry.

Dorapin: Okay.

He went to see Dr Achimov

Dorapin: Sorry, Dr Achimov. But we lost her.

Dr Achimov: (Growl) I'm gonna get them! And I am beginning to question having summoned you back from paris. Dorapin.

He left

Back to Duck and Tech

Dorami: Thank you, you stood up for me. I'm Dorami.

Duck: Danger Duck.

Tech: Tech. And it's not like how that cat is chasing you for.

Dorami: Well, he's actually a double agent to him. You see, Dr Achimov is hunting all the Robot in The 22nd Century. So all the Robot's and us are hidden somewhere from him and his Robots. And now he's even brought in fresh blood to torment us to become evil. (Sigh) I don't know what darkness drives that guy.

Duck: I think I can imagine... Tell is he always like this?

Dorami: I don't know about it. But if you wanna, go find my brother over there. He'll have some answers for you.

They went to there to find Doraemon

Both: Hello?

Then Doraemon appeared

Doraemon: Who are you?

Duck: I'm Danger Duck.

Tech: I'm Tech.

Doraemon: I'm Doraemon. And look, I better go back to Noby for my help.

He's gonna leave

Duck: Actually. We're looking for Dr Achimov. Do you know where he is?

Doraemon: That man, he went off to the Edogawa Park.

Tech: So did you know him?

Doraemon: Yes. He was my Enemy, he wants the Bestfriend Telecard from me and my Best Friends, we were great to send other, and then Dr Achimov Robot's are hunting us down, so we stay hidden from them. And I am so... Sad.

He look down

Duck: That you miss you're Friends?

Doraemon: Yes. I am. I wanted to see them again, but the Robots will know where they're location is.... And I don't want them to be captured. And I am so afraid that they will be captured from him.

Tech: And you never had a chance to see them again? Trust me, hidden can be deceiving. A good friends sees you for where you are. No matter where they are. You should go find them- and I know you miss them do much.

Doraemon: I can't. If I go out there, they will Captured me.

Duck: You're saying because you're not gonna get captured from them? Because I think something else is holding you back. Ask your heart, Doraemon.

Tech: We'll check the Edogawa Bridge. Thank you.

They left

Duck: Wish I take my own Advice....

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