After Today is a song in A Goofy Movie.


Max: They've been laughin' since I can't remember

But they're not gonna laugh anymore

No more "Maxie the Geek",

No more "Goof of the Week" like before

Girl: No more algebra tests 'til September

Girl's Boyfriend: 'No more lookin' at losers like him

Bully Boy: No more havin' to cheat

Another Bully Boy: No more mystery meat

Boy 1: No more gym!

Boy 2: No more gym!

Boy 3: No more gym!


Lisa: Gonna move to the mall

Chad:Gonna live in the pool

Max: Gonna talk to Roxanne and not feel like a fool

Chorus: 'Cause after today, I'm gonna be cruisin'

Max: After today, she'll be mine!

Chorus: After today, my brains'll be snoozing

Max: If I don't faint, I'll be fine!

Twin Girls: I've got forty more minutes of Home Economics

Twin Boys: Then down with the textbooks

Nerdy Boy: And up with the comics!

Max: Just think of all the time I've been losing

Finding the right thing to say

Chorus: Things'll be goin' my way after today

Max: She looked right through me

And who could blame her?

I need a new me

Plus some positive proof that I'm not just a goof

Cheerleaders: And after today, I'm gonna be cruisin'

Grunge Girls: No more pep rallies to cut.  Blech!

Chorus: After today, my brains'll be snoozing

Bus Driver: I'm gonna sit on my butt

Max: I've got less than an hour

And when this is ended

I'll either be famous

Principal Mazur: Or you'll be suspended!

Chorus: Just think of all the time I've been losing

Waiting until I could could say

Gonna be on my own

Kiss the parents good-bye

Gonna party from now 'til the end of July

Things'll be goin' my way

After today

Max: I wish that this was the day

After today


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