is Daring Do's enemy in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Initially, it is believed that he is a fictional character within the series, but he is revealed to be real in his second appearance. He first appears in Read It and Weep and is Daring Do's main antagonist in the book Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone. He was also after the the Sapphire Stone. Ahuizotl captures Daring-Do with the help of the wild cats, whom he calls with a quick whistle. He then puts Daring-Do into a room with closing walls with spikes, quicksand, snakes and spiders. However she escapes and reclaims the Sapphire Statue from Ahuizotl. He is then surprised and he calls out angrily, "What! Noo! Curse you Daring-Do!".

Ahuizotl later appears again in Daring Don't where it is discovered that he's a real inhabitant of Equestria. During a scene in which Dr. Caballeron is about to sell a golden ring to a disguised Daring Do, Ahuizotl angrily storms onto the scene and demands the ring. After Caballeron runs off and Daring snatches the ring away, Ahuizotl sics his jungle cats upon her. Using the nearby Rainbow Dash as bait, Ahuizotl distracts Daring Do long enough for her to be subdued and restrained, and hauls her off to the Fortress of Talicon.

After leaving Daring Do bound to a wall in a chamber filling with piranha-infested water, Ahuizotl begins a ritual with the ring to usher in eight hundred years of unrelenting heat. His efforts are thwarted by not just Daring Do, but also Rainbow Dash and her friends. Through Rainbow Dash and Daring Do's actions, the Fortress of Talicon comes crumbling down. Upon emerging from the rubble, Ahuizotl swears revenge on Daring Do.

Rivalry with Rattlesnake Jake

The story

Later years



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