Air Strike

Air Strike

Air Strike is an ancient mutant with more powerful energy absorption powers. When his body was killed, Nighlock transferred his mind into one of the original eight Sentinal prototypes. In his new body, he can change his non-metal body into Uru.


When he was in his thirties, he was mugged and left for dead. Somehow, his mind survived for thousands of years until Nighlock transferred it into one of the eight Sentinal prototypes. He became a member of Code Red and was advanced even more. He somehow can sneak up on people silently without them noticing, despite his height. It is revealed that he can do this because he somehow teleports like an Enderman.


  • he can absorb energy with no limits even Cosmic Energy.
  • his Sentinal body gives him superhuman strength.
  • he wields a metal bo staff.

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