Airachnid is a female Decepticon with spider-like features and a head commander of the Decepticons and the Cyberlings' friend.


Airachnid killed Arcee's partner Tailgate and arrived on a planet called Earth in a ship. She finds a techno-organic called Ryan and a human named Jack and webbed Arcee, her rival, to a wall when she tried to save them. Arcee told Jack and Ryan to run from Airachnid but Ryan decides to free Arcee but struggles to do so because the webbing is very sticky. Ryan tells Jack to run from Airachnid while he helps Arcee. Jack does as he says and Ryan was about to use his Keyblade to free Arcee when he was knocked out by Airachnid. The 2 heroes wake up and find out that Arcee and himself are unharmed and Airachnid is gone. Then Jack comes back and told Ryan that Airachnid has fled. Later, Airachnid found a