Primarily used for recon and surveillance due to her aerial alternate mode, Airazor's talents are a great asset to the Maximal cause. She's calm and confident, but also adventurous and brave, with a healthy supply of dry humor. Her aerial skill in either mode, incredibly sharp eyesight and steady aim make her a dangerous opponent.  Due to the circumstances of her "birth," she sees Rhinox as something of an uncle-figure and Cheetor as the sibling she never had. She devotes most of her efforts, however, to taming the wild yet gentle Tigatron. She shares his love for the beautiful planet on which the Maximals are stranded, and it is on this planet where their destiny will be forever intertwined.


  • Sunset Shimmer will use her magic to combine Airazor with Tigatron into Tigerhawk.
  • Airazor along with Tigatron became Princess Yuna's guardians.
  • Airazor will meet Connor Lacey and Pals in Connor Lacey's Adventures of Beast Wars Transformers.

Relation with Princess Yuna

In Rise of the Maximals Part 1 and 2, Airazor was like the aunt figure to Princess Yuna as she and Tigatron became her guardians.


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