Akito Benjamin Fudo is the son of Atticus Fudo and Mo Brown in the next generation of Cherry's Adventures stories. 
Akito and Scruffy by dimegod217

Akito with his puppy, Scruffy.


Akito is the second born to Atticus and Mo and is the older twin of Estelle Fudo by ten minutes and was born April 22nd, AKA Earth Day and is the younger brother of Vincent Fudo. Akito mostly takes after his father and even looks a little like him, but has his mother's similiar hair color. Akito is currently seven-years-old and continues to have adventures with his friends and family wel linto his teen years, especially in Akito and Estelle go to SouthDale

Akito meets his soulmate and true girlfriend, Emi Ketchum in The Power of Two. He is also the Chosen Two with his new friend, Ash Ketchum who is the brother of his soulmate who soon becomes his girlfriend and the two share their first kiss at age seven together and spend many times together and communicate via video chat when they become teenagers and Emi becomes the Pokemon Princess.

Akito has Equestrian magic and, like his twin sister, both believe that King Sombra is their kind uncle and influences them through magic, until they get older and discover that Sombra is evil and he vows revenge against them until he reforms in a future story.

Akito and Emi Kiss by angels pixels

Akito and Emi's first kiss.


  • Super-Human Strength: Like Atticus who had gained strength like a god after his adventure with Hercules, Akito inherits these abilities and often wrestles in his spare time, especially with Slam Tasmanian in Akito and the Loonatics.
  • Equestrian Magic: 
  • Mermaid Transformation: Like his father, Akito is part mermaid and is able to glow a fish tail fin which replaces his legs whenever he gets into a body of water. This is discovered after a series of dreams in Aleu and Estelle's Wolf Quest.
  • Psychic Dreams: Akito often has visions when he falls asleep before a big adventure.
  • Animal Speech: Akito can talk to animals, and even Pokemon
  • Elements of Harmony Sword: Akito earns the Elements of Harmony sword which once belonged to his father in Akito and Estelle Meet Anastasia and even earns the ability to pony-up.
  • Immune to Illnesses: Akito is unable to get sick from any contamination. His sister was said to have the same ability, but she gets sick from diphertia in Cherry and Atticus Meet Balto.
  • Super-Speed: Akito can run really fast and often has races with others with the same strength such as Dash Parr and Rev Runner
  • Flight
  • Wiccan Magic

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