Madagascar cast-L

The Madagascar Gang.


Zuba, Alex's father.


Florrie, Alex's mother.

Join Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and Alex's parents Zuba and Florrie as they have their own adventures outside Africa, Madagascar, New York City, and DreamWorks where they go into different places, make new friends, fighting old and new enemies, and save the world at the same time.

Madagascar Adventure CrewEdit

Currently Available on YouTubeEdit

Currently Deleted from YouTubeEdit

Written StoriesEdit

These are just stories written by LionheartCaptain.

Upcoming FilmsEdit

To Be Made by Scroopfan3212311Edit

To Be Made by Daniel EspositoEdit

TV SeriesEdit

To Be Made by Daniel EspositoEdit

To Be Made by Shadow101815 Edit

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