They found Bugs at the Dessert

Both: Bugs!

They approach him

Sparx: Is he...

Gibson: He's Unconscious... He'll recovered soon.

???: It's great to see you, again.

They saw a Black Holden Figure, he take it off his hood. And then Sparx and Gibson look so Shock, and it was Skeleton King

Both: Skeleton King! You're Alive?

Skeleton King: That's right. And Sparx, you should know about you're heart.

Sparx: My Heart?

Then he started to have a vision, then he's head hurt

Gibson: Sparx!? Are you okay?

Skeleton King: That's right, Sparx. Remember it from you're heart, want you lost- but not for good. You have to lose in order to find. You can all be yours again. If you only reach and take it. Reclaim the part that left you. Clash with him! Pure light against pure darkness to forged the ultimate sword. The all powerful blade of Power!

Then Sparx has collapsed, and Gibson is helping him

Sparx: Blade of Power?

Skeleton King: Not the Sword that you and Gibson had.

He show a letter of Blade

Skeleton King: Blade is an ancient word for the sword.  Some say "sword" but the meaning is different. Death... Is the word of ending.

He open a Portal above

Gibson: Sparx has the power to create it?

Skeleton King: Yes. Chiro knows about it for 3 Years since the battle. He knows exactly about your other heart.

Sparx: Chiro? Why him?

Skeleton King: Haven't you even wondered? Why he never granted you permission to leave Shuggazoom City, to grow stronger? He was afraid of you, even Jinmay is. If you were to learn the truth realise what your other heart is... He never wants you. Why else would be keep you within his sight for 3 Years?

A lighting has almost hit Sparx

Sparx: You're right. He never wants me to see other world for 3 Years now, no matter how much I said.

Skeleton King: Go now! Ask him and Jinmay yourself and Gibson. Learn the Truth and remember you have greater purpose.

They have been dragging into the Portal and Bug has been dragging away too.

Lanes Between

Sparx and Gibson found themselves in the Lanes Between in their Armor, then Sparx has his head hurt

Gibson: Sparx!?

Sparx: I'm fine! But... What's my heart is? Why did Chiro and Jinmay been keeping a secret to me?

Gibson: I don't know. But we have to go back to see them.

They saw Shuggazoom City and they went back home

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