This is how all the Skylanders together again goes in The Quest for the Skylanders Part 1.

Meanwhile, with Princess Yuna and her friends.

Princess Yuna: We finally got all the Skylanders together.

Snowdrop: What kind?

Princess Yuna: Any kind of Skylanders, including the Giants, SWAP Force, Trap Masters and Minis.

Tigatron: We thank you fellow Skylanders for coming in such short notice.

Flynn: Boom! All the Skylanders are together again.

Spyro: I'm glad we got your message, Yuna.

Cynder: So, What's going on?

Flurr: We need to find the Eternal Sources to build the Core of Light right here in Ponyville.

Spyro: We'd be glad to help.

Pop Fizz: We're with you every step of the way.

Dragonsly: We gotta stop Kaos from being evil again.

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