This is a transcript of Alola to New Adventure! in Team Robot In Pokemon Sun & Moon The Series.

(The episode begins with Ash and Pikachu are riding on Sharpedo)












Takato Matsuki: Look down there.

Ash Ketchum: Who are they?

(The heroes look down to see Team Skull walking towards Tino, his Pokémon Team, Kiawe and his Charizard)

Tino Tonitini: Who are you?

Tupp: Stopping our bikes the way you did was not the smartest moves.

Zipp: Yeah! Just like my bro said!

Tupp: Team Skull doesn't like anyone get in our way.

Rapp: You've got that right!

Kiawe: I don't remember blocking the road. The only people I can see getting in the way, are you.

Tupp: Well, listen to the big talker!

Tino Tonitini: Don't say that to him!

Zipp: Ha! I dare you to say that again!

Ash Ketchum: Who are those guys?

Mallow: They are part of Team Skull. Always bullying into a Pokémon battle, not nice.

Tupp: If you could beat us in a Pokémon battle, maybe we'll let you walk away.

Zipp: Yeah! But if we beat you! Then that Charizard along with your Lucario of yours belongs to us!

Kiawe: You'll be sorry!

Tino Tonitini: I can't let you jerks take away my Lucario!

Tupp: Ha! We'll see about that! Come on out, Salandit!

Zipp: Yungoos!

Rapp: Zubat!

(Tupp, Zipp and Rapp threw three Pokéballs letting out three Salandit, Yungoos and Zubat)

Tupp: Now tell your Charizard and Lucario to fight!

(Kiawe and Tino looks at Team Skull's Pokémon as they are ready to fight)

Ash Ketchum: Stop it!

Tai Kamiya: Enough you jerks!

Mallow: But Ash!

Zipp: Who do you think you are?

Ash Ketchum: Your cowards! Three against two!



Tupp: Who are you? Wait a minute we know you! You must be Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1.

Zipp: Hey, we know you! You kids must be the DigiDestined and their Digimon!

Rapp: And you are the Mixels!

Emerl: So you know us.

Davis Motomiya: Okay, so how did you guys know us?

Tupp: We heard you manage to defeat the Dark Masters and save our world and the Digital World!

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