This is how Alya gets suspended goes in Lady Wifi (CTaRAoMToLaCN).

[The episode starts at a class room]

Collide Bandicoot: I am please with your assignments for the day. Some of you stepped up a notch on this. So, we can move on to the...

[While Collide is talking, Alya and Sci-Rianna cuts two photos of Ladyan and Ladybug and see the faces of some students]

Sci-Ryan: Hey, Alya. What are you doing?

Alya: Oh. Sci-Rianna and I are trying to figure out who Ladyan and Ladybug is.

Sci-Ryan: Cool. Let me call Ryan.

[He checks his phone]

Ryan F-Freeman: [in voice mail] Hello. This is Prince Ryan Prime. I am not here right now. Please leave a message after the beep. Beep!

[Sci-Ryan sighs and puts his phone in his bag]

Alya: Good try.

Collide Bandicoot: Is Marinette still the girls' room?

Alya: Uhh. I don't know, Miss Collide.

[the bell rings]

Collide Bandicoot: Tonight, Miss Bustier wants you all to read chapter three of the breathtaking France, the First Thousand years and answer a little questionnaire. [to Alya] See to it that Marinette receives her homework for me, Alya.

[Outside, Sci-Ryan pulls out his Iphone]

Sci-Ryan: Let me try again.

[He calls Marinette]

Marinette: [recording] It's Marinette, leave a message. Beep! He he.

Sci-Ryan: Oh man.

Sci-Rianna: Better luck next time, Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: I guess you also want to know who OpThomas is? Well. I don't know about him.


[Sci-Ryan looks around and spots Megatron carrying a bag with a Ladyan outfit then whispers to Alya]

Alya: You mean it? Ladyan is really...

Sci-Ryan: Yes. Ladyan is really... [pause for a moment and whispers in Alya's ear] Megatron.