Amber (101 Dalmatians)

Amber Smith is a minor character from 101 Dalmatians: The Series who only appeared in the episode, Beauty Pageant Pandemonium. She is the niece of Anita Dearly and Roger Dearly. She does not appear in any of the movies.


Amber is very sweet, kind, and caring and close friends with the Dalmatian puppies, especially to Lucky, Rolly (101 Dalmatians), Cadpig, and Spot the Chicken. In her episode, she auditions to be in a junior beauty pageant and is competition with Ivy De Vil, the niece of Cruella De Vil. Despite her one appearance in 101 Dalmatians, she plays more of a role in Cherry's Adventures, especially for Darla Dimple, who becomes her best friend after Darla is adopted by Atticus Fudo's family. Amber sees friends in everyone she meets which is how she warms up to Darla quickly and says they'll be best friends forever and are often seen hanging out together.


  • She only appears in one episode in the 101 Dalmatians animated series.
  • Amber's last name is Smith according to Disney wiki.
  • According to some stories, her mother is Anita's sister.