This is how the ambush at the Crystal mine goes in Wrath of the Century

Tirek: [outside the mine] Here comes the train!

[we see the train pulling into the crystal mine]

Ernie: He's here!

[the train stops as the Cavalry men hop off the flatbed]

Cavalry man 1: Clear the track, men!

Cavalry man 2: Outta the way!

[The Calvary man start walking Brian, Vinny, and John Reid to be executed]

Miner: Going to pit!

[but unknown to anyone, someone watches from behind one of the mine track bridges]

Jay Fuller: My God!

Latham Cole: Out here, it's just rock.

Flim: Put it on a train, it's priceless.

Jay Fuller: What could you buy with all of that?

Latham Cole: A country, Captain. A great country. For which our children will thank us. 

[Then Boba Fett's ship lands]

Boba Fett: I have the baby. [shows it in a cage]

Saturn: Excellent.

Mars: Wait, where's the clone Rexy?

Boba Fett: It didn't stand a chance. It was torn apart.

Saturn: Deals and deal. Give him his reward.

[Grunts give him a suit case with gold as Boba leaves]

[the men uncouple the flatcar and boxcar from the train]

Railway man: Take her ahead! Line her up!

[The Constitution moves into the tunnel]

Railway mane 2: That'll do! Get these Chinaman out of here!

[The china workers leave]

Calvary man: Detail, halt!

[They put John, Brian, and Vinny on a flatcar then blindfold him]

[Inside the tunnel, 2 mysterious figures walked up]

Calvary man: Didn't you hear me Chinamen? I said get out!

Jay Fuller: Point, arms!

[In the coach]

Anna: Don't do this.

[back outside]

Jay Fuller: Load! [the soldiers do so]

Calvary man: [points his rifle at the figures] I ain't gonna tell you again!

Tonto: [holds up cage]

Calvary man: What the heck is that?

The driver: [sees his bird] Gas. That's gas!

[They run out of the tunnel]

Tonto: [feeds his bird]

Little Strongheart: Nice work.


Jay Fuller: Shoulder arms!

Latham Cole: I was at Gettysburg. Twelve-thousand casualties before lunch. Know what I learned in all that carnage? Nothing is accomplished without sacrifice.

Anna: [spits on him]

Latham Cole: [grabs her]


Railway man: [throws the switch] Nice and easy!

The Driver: Get out! Get out!

Railway man: What the heck?!

The Driver: GAS! GAS! GAS!!

[the train starts backing up towards the crystal cars]

Jay Fuller: Ready!

[soldiers cock their guns]

[In the coach Anna is strained]

Anna: Let me go!

Latham Cole: Gonna have to teach you some respect aren't I, daughter?


Jay Fuller: Aim!

John Reid, Brian, and Vinny: [brace themselves]

Jay Fuller: FIRE!

[The train bumps into the cars and the rear car blocked the soldiers' line of fire]

[in the coach, everyone feels a jolt]

Latham Cole: What the hell just happened?

Butch Cavendish: [checks the cab and finds no one there, then finds a pile of birdseed and a bit of buffalo hair] [snarls]

[then there's an Indian call]

Sideshow Bob: What's that?

[Arrows then flew out of the sky, and killing several man]

Jupiter: Get the train going!

[then three arrows appear from the sidelines and hit some troopers as Tonto comes out of the tunnel on a handcar with Skarloey pushing from the back]

Tonto: Hold on, Kemosables!

Skarloey: We got you!

John Reid: Tonto?

Brian: Skarloey?

[then an arrow kills another Calvary man]


Skarloey: Just stay calm.

Tonto: No reason for concern.

Jay Fuller: Over here! To the guns! Defensive position!

Anna: Guys!

Vinny: Anna, we're coming for you!

Anna: Vinny!


Tirek: Like I haven't heard that before.

Brian: I MEAN IT!!!!

[but then suddenly, there's a distant gunshot and then a bullet hits Tirek in the abdomen]

Tirek: [as Kylo Ren] GAH!! (falls to his knees as he clenches the spot he was hit)

Jay Fuller: Rally on me! [then sees many of thew Buffalo Tribe on a hill top]

Buffalo: [speaks native, they charge]

Jay Fuller: Lord, save us.

[Then the Indominus Rex and Spino showed up]

I-Rex: ROAR!!!!!

Spino: ROAR!!!!!!

Saturn: They're here for the infant! We must contain them!

Mars: Purugly, now! [sents her out]

Purugly: [uses fury swipes]

Spino: ROAR!!!!!

Butch: Faster! [points his gun at the driver] Now!

Driver: [opens the regulator]

Jay Fuller: Hold a firing line! [a man gets shoot down] Hold you positions, gentleman!

[the Buffalo tribe is getting closer]

Jay Fuller: Hold!

[and closer]

Jay Fuller: Steady! [cocks his .45 colt]

[And closer]

Jay Fuller: For God! And for country!

[They point the Gatling guns, and the tribe gets closer]

Jay Fuller: Fire at will!!!

[all the Cavalry men fire]

[Many buffaloes get killed]

Brian: Guys, what is that?

Tonto: [looks back and sees the Constitution driving behind them]

[More buffaloes get killed]

Tonto: Now... must to jump!

John Reid: Left or right?

Skarloey: Right!

[they jump into a side tunnel]

Butch: [throws a canister of kerosene]

[John gets the blindfold off and then the canister lands next to them]

John Reid: Kerosene?

Brian: Oh my, God!

Calvary man: What are you trying ta do? Blow up the whole mountain?

Butch Cavendish: Trust me! [lights a stick of dynamite] These guys have hard time staying dead.

[He throws it in and causes a fire ball]



[they run down the tunnel and then jump into a river in the cave]

Jay Fuller: Cover the flank!

[Back to the battle]

Jay Fuller: Cover the flank!

[Indians get killed]

Jay Fuller: [fires his .45 colt]

Buffalo: YAH!!

Jay Fuller: [stabs him and then when the buffalo falls, he drops his sword and looks at his glove]

[We view all of the dead buffaloes]

Sideshow Bob: [panting]

Ernie: Well, that's taken care of.

Sideshow Bob: [looks at the golden headed arrow] Wait a minute. No Buffalo uses gold on their arrow heads.

Ernie: Gold?

Sideshow Bob: Figures.

Mars: We have the I-Rex and Spino now.

Ernie: Good. And this time keep them sturdy.

[Back wtih our heroes]

[John Reid, Brian, Vinny, and Tonto emerge from the river]

Brian: [coughs]

[they swim to the shoreline just as the rest fo them team pull up]

Tonto: [finds his crow on the shoreline and picks it up]

[to the Crophoppers]

Sebeena: Mommy? Daddy? You're saying they corrupted the Princesses, captured Mitzi, and killed the Trainbots, The Buffaloes, Socket, for crystals?

Dusty: Afraid so.

Ishani: It was all just terrible. But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

{back tot the story]

Jolteon: You think standing on Thomas' cab, makes you Spider-Man?

Eevee: You can't push people like that, Jolteon!

Jolteon: You we're being a nitwit...

Eevee: No, I wasn't!

Sylveon: I was right there, and you acted like I wasn't even there!

Brian: How am I suppose to know? [as Leonardo] It is not my job to make your presence known, alright? Get out of your head and communicate!

Vaporeon: Well, what do you expect? You love to take credit for yourself and nobody else!

Espeon: Oh, coming from the guy who spends his days in the water.

Brian: Says you! All you do is stare at your reflection! And besides none of you call me "dad"!

Umbreon: Yeah, that's the point. You're not our dad, Brian.

Brian: (as Indiana Jones [in his way]) You bet I am, and I got news for you. Once this is all over, you're gonna go to school!

Umbreon: Oh, really? What happened that "Pokémon aren't suppose to go to school", you don't remember saying that?

Brian: It was a lie.

Glaceon: How could you? You may know about being a father, but you don't care about any of our feelings!

Brian: [shocks in surprise] Your right. But you know one thing I am feeling? We may be a family, but we're not a team. [walks to the others and speaks to Tonto] You were right. This is all my fault. Ernie and Tirek control everything.

John Reid: The Railroad, the Cavalry, Everything.

Vinny: Yeah.

Brian: This is terrible. [falls on his knees] YOU MANIACS!!! YOU'RE DESTROYING THE WORLD!!! [he slams his fist on the ground as he speaks] DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Shai-Shay: Let's face it, we can't win this war.

Brian: R2, play the music.

R2: [plays music, indicating another song]

Mako: [whistles sadly]

Brian: [singing] What are we gonna do? We can't beat the villains now,

Zoe Trent: [singing] Boo-hoo, boo-hoo.

Vinny: [singing] What are we gonna do? Ernie and the villains are gaining the upper hand.

Brian: [singing] It seems like yesterday,

Sunil Nevla: [singing] You could hear the poeple say..

Russel Ferguson: [singing] That we could beat armies big and small. Or anything powerful,

Squidward: [singing] But it's just a dream, because in this case..

Puffy: [singing] We can't beat them now.

Emily: [whistles sadly]

Gail Trent: [singing] Boo hoo, boo hoo.

Henry: [singing] What are we gonna do?

James: [singing] We can't beat the villains now.

Whiffle: [singing] We go around the world, and faced many things very big.

Edward: [singing] And everybody knew, we were the best that could be found.

Eevee: [singing] But now, we've been wiped out. And we're getting weak.

Willy: [singing] And we can't beat the villains now.

Puffer: [singing] Where is it written, that things can't stay the same?

Mako: [singing] The fix is in, we'll never win.

Edd: [singing] If we can't get in the game.

Cheese Sandwich: [singing] It wasn't all that long ago.

Eddy: [singing] That, they cheered for me and you.

Toad: [singing] But they say, that things are different now.

Duck: [singing] And there's nothing we can do.

Knockout: [singing] I know that time goes on. The years just moving on.

Stepney: [singing] I guess we've been forgotten now.

Donald and Douglas: [singing] The good old days, are gone.

Mucker: [singing] But the things we did back then

Duke: [singing] We could do again.

Shining Armor: [singing] But we can't do this,

Skarloey: [singing] We can't win this.

Almost everyone: [singing] We can't beat the villains now......

Pepper and Penny [singing] Boo-hoo, boo-hoo.

Vinny: [singing] What are we gonna do?

Brian: [singing] We can't beat the villains now.

[as the song ends, all the engines puff out some steam, which shapes into a heart but the heart them splits]

[music ends]

Twilight: (notices Brian doesn't have his Lightsaber) Bri, where's your Lightsaber?

Brian: Tirek took it from me.

Twilight: What?!

Anger: [as Brody] THAT'S GREAT!! THAT'S JUST GREAT!!

Yuna: I don't think we can kill Ernie.

Twilight: We'll never beat the villains, never.

Brian: Yeah, they've become too powerful for us.

Spike: We should just leave..

Barney: No! We can't!

Percy: We don't have a choice Barney.

Barney: What do you mean?

Pinkie: We give up.

Barney: Ah.

[then music starts, indicating another song]


When it looks like all is lost and you're feeling really sad,
It doesn't do a bit of good to keep on feeling bad.
Just make up your mind that you're gonna see it through.
And soon I know you'll find that you can make your dreams come true.
We're gonna find a way. A super-d doper team. And when we stick together.
There's no storm we can weather. No matter how dark it may seem. Whoa!
We're gonna find a way. We're gonna save the day. We'll solve this situation.
With our imagination. We're gonna find a way. When things are going wrong.
We can make out own good luck. The only time we ever fail. It's just when we give up.
Don't be a quiter now. There's some tricks left up out sleve. We'll get through this somehow
if we can only just believe.


We're gonna find a way. A super-d doper team. And when we stick together.
There's no storm we can weather. No matter how dark it may seal.
We're gonna find a way. We're gonna save the day. We'll solve this situation.
With our imagination. [dance break] We're gonna find a way.

Twilight: You're right, we can't give up.

Thomas: We've beaten the villains many times before, and we can do it again.

Brian: And we can stop them, and save Anna, and The Princesses.

Pepper Clark: And find Mitzi too.

Sadnesss: But what do we do?

Blackie: What we need is a miracle.

[then Ceraianel Rangereen comes into view]

Cera: I don't know about miracles, but I do say that you'll be getting more assistance.

[then from behind her, out steps, Starkiller, Queen Novo, Princess Skystar, Tempest Shadow, Grubber, Celaeno, Capper, and Songbird

Peter: Great, reinforcements!

Queen Novo:

Mucker: I have an idea.

[We now see the Predator on a tree, as he then opens up a med-kit and then he tends to his wound on his leg and then as he removes the bullet, he yells in pain, which everyone hears]

Leafoen: What was that?

Judy Hopps: It sounds like someone yelling in extreme pain.

Tronie: Oh, yeah guys! There's something I gotta tell ya! How do you think TBC built those bots in the first place, hmm? they had a whole mess of dead Deceptitrain heads and they were downloading their minds! And I was in charge of autospy duty. No union, no benefits, no nothing. They hooked me up to Megatrain, and that mind isn't as dead as they thought. ["Groudon's Theme" begins playing] He fed them the science and specs! All so they could build him a brand-new body. Then, he inflected it with his evil, nasty chromosomes. They had red, beady eyes. [exhales] They got all in my lovely locks. Oh, I can smell it right now! Total inside custom job! TBC may have named the body, the snappy name Galvatrain, but that's just Megatrain reincarnated!

Morley: Wait a second. You mean to tell me Galvatrain is Megatrain?!

Tronie: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Blitzer: You knew this, and you didn't tell them?

Tronie: I tried, but they wouldn't listen. You can go to a pretty dark place when you on death row. He's been play KSI all this time, all so that he could manipulate them into going after the Pod.

Spike: Wait. The Pod?

Thomas: Savoy and his soldiers weren't really after us by taking Anna. I saw them board the ship, and they took something that they called the Pd.

Twilight: Alright, I'm confused. What's "the Pod"?

Bull: Listen, Sparkle. You'd ever heard of the time where the Dinosaurs did not exist yet?

Skifter: Billions of planets were cyberformed with Pods.

[The flashback plays with the amphibian seen from the beginning walking around the metal wasteland]

Skifter: They've turned Earth's organic life into our bodies. Our creators destroyed your world. To make us.

Tronie: And that's what Galvatrain wants to happen again. He wants to detonate that Peed in the biggest city and kill millions. He's gonna show the world, "Baby I'm back!".

Skifter: The blast wave will incinerate that city into molten metal. He'll have enough to build a massive army. And annihilate your species forever.

Eddy: Then we need to get the Pod before Galvatrain does!

Pepper Clark: [slowly walks away from the team] Don't worry Mitzi, I don't care what it takes but I will find you! [she then races off and then she catches a whiff of something] Hey, I know that smell!

[she follows her nose and then soon she comes over a small hill and then sees Mitzi]

Pepper Clark: Mitzi! [hops on a wheel cart] Hold on, Mitzi. I'm coming! [rolls down the hill on the cart and then hits a rock and Force leaps forward and up to Mitizi's cage] Mitzi.

Mitzi: Pepper!

Pepper Clark: Hang on, I'm gettin' you outta here!

Mitzi; Pepper wait, it's a trap!

[Then 2 Stormtroopers appear behind Pepper]

Pepper Clark: Oh no..

Stormtrooper: Hi, little skunk. [stuns her]

Mitzi: NO!!

Stormtrooper: She'll be alright. Tell Sideshow Bob we have the other one.

Stormtrooper #2: [into communicator] We have the comedian skunk, sir.

Sideshow Bob: [on communicator] Good! Bring her and the pink skunk into the train!

[then Sonata hears something, and then when she goes to looks something sets off the flares and then something jumps onto her!]

Sonata Dusk: AAH!!!

Adagio and Aria: SONATA!!!

Sonata Dusk: [activates her lightsaber] I got you! [She then starts stabbing the thing that jumped her]

[The other villains then race for her as we hear the creature roaring in extreme pain]


[the other villains race up and shine several lights over the scenes]

Sonata Dusk: (panting) I got him. I got him.

[But it turns out to be just a wolf]

Trixie: Oh my, you killed a wolf!

Sideshow Bob: [laughs]

Sonata Dusk: Oh, shut up!

Mars: Ernie!

Ernie: What!?

Mars: Ernie, I think you should look at this!

[they race over and there's no sign of Starlight's body]

Mars: Starlight's body, it's gone.

Ernie: What?

Adagio Dazzling: But that's impossible!