This is how the ambush at the Crystal mine goes in Wrath of the Century

Tirek: [outside the mine] Here comes the train!

[we see the train pulling into the crystal mine]

Ernie: He's here!

[the train stops as the Cavalry men hop off the flatbed]

Cavalry man 1: Clear the track, men!

Cavalry man 2: Outta the way!

[The Cavary man start walking Brian, Vinny, and John Reid to be executed]

Miner: Going to pit!

[but unknown to anyone, someone watches from behind one of the mine track bridges]

Jay Fuller: My God!

Latham Cole: Out here, it's just rock.

Flim: Put it on a train, it's priceless.

Jay Fuller: What could you buy with all of that?

Latham Cole: A country, Captain. A great country. For which our children will thank us. 

[Then Boba Fett's ship lands]

Boba Fett: I have the baby. [shows it in a cage]

Saturn: Excellent.

Mars: Wait, where's the clone Rexy?

Boba Fett: It didn't stand a chance. It was torn apart.

Saturn: Deals and deal. Give him his reward.

[Grunts give him a suit case with gold as Boba leaves]

[the men uncouple the flatcar and boxcar from the train]

Railway man: Take her ahead! Line her up!

[The Constitution moves into the tunnel]

Railway mane 2: That'll do! Get these Chinaman out of here!

[The china workers leave]

Calvary man: Detail, halt!

[They put John, Brian, and Vinny on a flatcar then blindfold him]

[Inside the tunnel, 2 mysterious figures walked up]

Calvary man: Didn't you hear me Chinamen? I said get out!

Jay Fuller: Point, arms!

[In the coach]

Anna: Don't do this.

[back outside]

Jay Fuller: Load! [the soldiers do so]

Calvary man: [points his rifle at the figures] I ain't gonna tell you again!

Tonto: [holds up cage]

Calvary man: What the heck is that?

The driver: [sees his bird] Gas. That's gas!

[They run out of the tunnel]

Tonto: [feeds his bird]

Little Strongheart: Nice work.


Jay Fuller: Shouler arms!

Latham Cole: I was at Gettysburg. Twelve-thousand casualties before lunch. Know what I learned in all that carnage? Nothing is accomplished without sacrifice.

Anna: [spits on him]

Latham Cole: [grabs her]


Railway man: [throws the switch] Nice and easy!

The Driver: Get out! Get out!

Railway man: What the heck?!

The Driver: GAS! GAS! GAS!!

[pthe train starts backing up towards the silver cars]

Jay Fuller: Ready!

[soldiers cock their guns]

[In the coach Anna is strained]

Anna: Let me go!

Latham Cole: Gonna have to teach you some respect aren't I, daughter?


Jay Fuller: Aim!

John Reid, Brian, and Vinny: [brace themselves]

Jay Fuller: FIRE!

[The train bumps into the cars and the rear car blocked the soldiers' line of fire]

[in the coach, everyone feels a jolt]

Latham Cole: What the hell just happened?

Butch Cavendish: [checks the cab and finds no one there, then finds a pile of birdseed and a bit of buffalo hair] [snarls]

[then there's an indian call]

Sideshow Bob: What's that?

[Arrows then flew out of the sky, and killing several man]

Jupiter: Get the train going!

[then three arrows appear from the sidelines and hit some troopers as Tonto comes out fo the tunnel on a handcar]

Tonto: Hold on, Kemosables!

Skarloey: We got you!

John Reid: Tonto?

Brian: Skarloey?

[then an arrow kills another Calvary man]


Skarloey: Just stay calm.

Tonto: No reason for concern.

Jay Fuller: Over here! To the guns! Defensive position!

Anna: Guys!

Vinny: Anna, we're coming for you!

Anna: Vinny!


Tirek: Like I haven't heard that before.

Brian: I MEAN IT!!!!

[then a golden headed arrow flies past Tirek and hits a tree]

Sideshow Bob: What the hell? [pulls it out and looks at the arrow head] Gold?

Jay Fuller: Rally on me! [then sees many of thew Buffalo Tribe on a hill top]

Buffalo: [speaks native, they charge]

Jay Fuller: Lord, save us.

[Then the Indominus Rex and Spino showed up]

I-Rex: ROAR!!!!!

Spino: ROAR!!!!!!

Saturn: They're here for the infant! We must contain them!

Mars: Purugly, now! [sents her out]

Purugly: [uses fury swipes]

Spino: ROAR!!!!!

Butch: Faster! [points his gun at the driver] Now!

Driver: [opens the regulator]

Jay Fuller: Hold a firing line! [a man gets shoot down] Hold you positions, gentleman!

[the Buffalo tribe is getting closer]

Jay Fuller: Hold!

[and closer]

Jay Fuller: Steady! [cocks his .45 colt]

[And closer]

Jay Fuller: For God! And for country!

[They point the Gatling guns, and the tribe gets closer]

Jay Fuller: Fire at will!!!

[alll the Cavalry men fire]

[Many buffaloes get killed]

Brian: Guys, what is that?

Tonto: [looks back and sees the Constitution driving behind them]

[More buffaloes get killed]

Tonto: Now... must to jump!

John Reid: Left or right?

Skarloey: Right!

[they jump into a side tunnel]

Butch: [throws a canister of kerosene]

[John gets the blindfold off and then the canister lands next to them]

John Reid: Kerosine?

Brian: Oh my, God!

Calvary man: What are you trying ta do? Blow up the whole mountain?

Butch Cavendish: Trust me! [lights a stick of dynamite] These guys have hard time staying dead.

[He thows it in and causes a fire ball]



[they run down the tunnel and then jump into a river in the cave]

Jay Fuller: Cover the flank!

[Back to the battle]

Jay Fuller: Cover the flank!

[Indians get killed]

Jay Fuller: [fires his .45 colt]

Buffalo: YAH!!

Jay Fuller: [stabs him and then when the buffalo falls, he drops his sword and looks at his glove]

[We view of dead buffalos]

Sideshow Bob: [panting]

Ernie: Well, that's taken care of.

Sideshow Bob: [looks at the golden headed arrow] Wait a minute. No Buffalo uses gold on their arrow heads.

Ernie: Gold?

Sideshow Bob: Figures.

Mars: We have the I-Rex and Spino now.

Ernie: Good. And this time keep them sturdy.

[Back wtih our heroes]

[John Reid, Brian, Vinny, and Tonto emerge from the river]

Brian: [coughs]

[they swim to the shoreline just as the rest fo them team pull up]

Tonto: [finds his crow on the shoreline and picks it up]

[to the Crophoppers]

Sebeena: Mommy? Daddy? You're saying they corrupted the Princesses, captured Mitzi, and killed the Trainbots, The Buffaloes, Socket, for crystals?

Dusty: Afraid so.

Ishani: It was all just terrible. But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

{back tot the story]

Jolteon: You think standing on Thomas' cab, makes you Spider-Man?

Eevee: You can't push people like that, Jolteon!

Jolteon: You we're being a nitwit...

Eevee: No, I wasn't!

Sylveon: I was right there, and you acted like I wasn't even there!

Brian: How am I suppose to know? [as Leonardo] It is not my job to make your presence known, alright? Get out of your head and communicate!

Vaporeon: Well, what do you expect? You love to take credit for yourself and nobody else!

Espeon: Oh, coming from the guy who spends his days in the water.

Brian: Says you! All you do is stare at your reflection! And besides none of you call me "dad"!

Umbreon: Your not our dad, Brian.

Brian: (as Indiana Jones [in his way]) You bet I am, and I got news for you. Your gonna go to school!

Glaceon: How could you? You may know about being a father, but you don't care about any of our feelings!

Brian: [shocks in surprise] Your right. But you know one thing I am feeling? We may be a family, but we're not a team. [walks to the others and speaks to Tonto] You were right. This is all my fault. Ernie and Tirek control everything.

John Reid: The Railroad, the Cavalry, Everything.

Vinny: Yeah.

Brian: This is terrible. [falls on his knees] YOU MANIACS!!! YOU'RE DESTROYING THE WORLD!!! [he slams his fist on the ground as he speaks] DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Shai-Shay: Let's face it, we can't win this war.

Brian: R2, play the music.

R2: [plays music, indicating another song]

Mako: [whistles sadly]

Brian: [singing] What are we gonna do? We can't beat the villains now,

Zoe Trent: [singing] Boo-hoo, boo-hoo.

Vinny: [singing] What are we gonna do? Ernie and the villains are gaining the upper hand.

Brian: [singing] It seems like yesterday,

Sunil Nevla: [singing] You could hear the poeple say..

Russel Ferguson: [singing] That we could beat armies big and small. Or anything powerful,

Squidward: [singing] But it's just a dream, because in this case..

Puffy: [singing] We can't beat them now.

Emily: [whistles sadly]

Gail Trent: [singing] Boo hoo, boo hoo.

Henry: [singing] What are we gonna do?

James: [singing] We can't beat the villains now.

Whiffle: [singing] We go around the world, and faced many things very big.

Edward: [singing] And everybody knew, we were the best that could be found.

Eevee: [singing] But now, we've been wiped out. And we're getting weak.

Willy: [singing] And we can't beat the villains now.

Puffer: [singing] Where is it written, that things can't stay the same?

Mako: [singing] The fix is in, we'll never win.

Edd: [singing] If we can't get in the game.

Cheese Sandwich: [singing] It wasn't all that long ago.

Eddy: [singing] That, they cheered for me and you.

Toad: [singing] But they say, that things are different now.

Duck: [singing] And there's nothing we can do.

Knockout: [singing] I know that time goes on. The years just moving on.

Stepney: [singing] I guess we've been forgotten now.

Donald and Douglas: [singing] The good old days, are gone.

Mucker: [singing] But the things we did back then

Duke: [singing] We could do again.

Shinging Armor: [singing] But we can't do this,

Skarloey: [singing] We can't win this.

Almost everyone: [singing] We can't beat the villains now......

Pepper and Penny [singing] Boo-hoo, boo-hoo.

Vinny: [singing] What are we gonna do?

Brian: [singing] We can't beat the villains now.

[as the song ends, all the engines puff out some steam, which shapes into a heart but the heart them splits]

[music ends]

Twilight: (notocies Brian doesn't have his Lightsaber) Bri, where's your Lightsaber?

Brian: Tirek took it from me.

Twilight: What?!

Anger: [as Brody] THAT'S GREAT!! THAT'S JUST GREAT!!

Yuna: I don't think we can kill Ernie.

Twilight: We'll never beat the villains, never.

Brian: Yeah, they've become too powerful for us.

Spike: We should just leave..

Barney: No! We can't!

Percy: We don't have a choice Barney.

Barney: What do you mean?

Pinkie: We give up.

Barney: Ah.

[then music starts, indicating another song]


When it looks like all is lost and you're feeling really sad,
It doesn't do a bit of good to keep on feeling bad.
Just make up your mind that you're gonna see it through.
And soon I know you'll find that you can make your dreams come true.
We're gonna find a way. A super-d doper team. And when we stick together.
There's no storm we can weather. No matter how dark it may seem. Whoa!
We're gonna find a way. We're gonna save the day. We'll solve this situation.
With our imagination. We're gonna find a way. When things are going wrong.
We can make out own good luck. The only time we ever fail. It's just when we give up.
Don't be a quiter now. There's some tricks left up out sleve. We'll get through this somehow
if we can only just believe.


We're gonna find a way. A super-d doper team. And when we stick together.
There's no storm we can weather. No matter how dark it may seal.
We're gonna find a way. We're gonna save the day. We'll solve this situation.
With our imagination. [dance break] We're gonna find a way.

Twilight: You're right, we can't give up.

Thomas: We've beaten the villains many times before, and we can do it again.

Brian: And we can stop them, and save Anna, and The Princesses.

Pepper Clark: And find Mitzi too.

Sadnesss: But what do we do?

Brenard: What we need is a miricle.


Vinny: What's that?

[They turn around and witness Cometbreath!]

Cometbreath: We'll kill them all.

Human Applejack and Rainbow: COMETBREATH?!

Cometbreath: The villains will soon realized that they have underestimated technology for the last time. And we won't have it any longer. So today, we take the battle to them!

[The rest of the Dragon Bots show up]

Brian: I don't understand. Why are you hear to help us?

Ignortor: We saw James Savoy threatening Alice, and then we saw the I-Rex pursuing you, and Lockdown capturing Thomas. And we won't have it.

Tyranor head 1: Yeah, no one's killing girls tonight!

Tyranor head 5: We're gonna help you win this war!

Cometbreath: They're heading to the downtown city not to far down the line, our only chance is the element of surprise.

Mucker: I have an idea.

Brian: Good. Cause we got a lot of work to do.

[A song starts playing]

BrianLet's get down to business

To defeat the villains

Minka MarkBut I don't think I'm ready.

BrianShut up, Minka!

You're the saddest bunch

I ever met

But you can bet

Before we're through

Mister, I'll make a man out of you

Minka MarkBut I'm only a girl.


Minka MarkAH!

BrianTranquil as a forest

But on fire within

Once you find your center

You are sure to win

You're a spineless, pale

Pathetic lot

And you haven't got a clue

Somehow I'll make a man out of you

PeterI'm never gonna catch my breath

QuagmireSay good bye to those who knew me

ClevelandBoy, was I fool in school for cutting gym

VinnyThis guy's got 'em scared to death

BlytheHope he doesn't see right through me

JamesNow I really wish that I knew how to swim

Brian(Be a man)

ChorusWe must be swift as the coursing river

(Be a man)

With all the force of a great typhoon

(Be a man)

With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Minka Mark Brian sure knows how to be a general.

Vinny I know.

BrianTime is racing toward us

Till the villains arrive

Heed my every order

And you might survive

You're unsuited for

The rage of war

So pack up, go home

You're through

How could I make a man out of you?

Brian(Be a man)

ChorusWe must be swift as the coursing river

(Be a man)

With all the force of a great typhoon

(Be a man)

With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

(Be a man)

We must be swift as the coursing river

(Be a man)

With all the force of a great typhoon

(Be a man)

With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

[We now see the Predator on a tree, as he then opens up a medkit and then he tends to his wound on his leg and then as he removes the bullet, he yells in pain, which everyone hears]

Leafoen: What was that?

Judy Hopps: It sounds like someone yelling in extreme pain.

Pepper Clark: [slowly walks away from the team] Don't worry Mitzi, I don't care what it takes but I will find you! [she then races off and then she catches a whiff of something] Hey, I know that smell!

[she follows her nose and then soon she comes over a small hill and then sees Mitzi]

Pepper Clark: Mitzi! [hops on a wheel cart] Hold on, Mitzi. I'm coming! [rolls down the hill on the cart and then hits a rock and Force leaps forward and up to Mitizi's cage] Mitzi.

Mitzi: Pepper!

Pepper Clark: Hang on, I'm gettin' you outta here!

Mitzi; Pepper wait, it's a trap!

[Then 2 Stormtroopers appear behind Pepper]

Pepper Clark: Oh no..

Stormtrooper: Hi, little skunk. [stuns her]

Mitzi: NO!!

Stormtropper: She'll be alright. Tell Sideshow Bob we have the other one.

Stormtrooper #2: [into communicator] We have the comedian skunk, sir.

Sideshow Bob: [on communicator] Good! Bring her and the pink skunk into the train!

[then Sonata hears something, and then when she goes to looks something sets off the flares and then something jumps onto her!]

Sonata Dusk: AAH!!!

Adagio and Aria: SONATA!!!

Sonata Dusk: [activates her lightsaber] I got you! [She then starts stabbing the thing that jumped her]

[The other villains then race for her as we hear the creature roaring in extreme pain]


[the other villains race up and shine several lights over the scenes]

Sonata Dusk: (panting) I got him. I got him.

[But it turns out to be just a wolf]

Trixie: Oh my, you killed a wolf!

Sideshow Bob: [laughs]

Sonata Dusk: Oh, shut up!

Mars: Ernie!

Ernie: What!?

Mars: Ernie, I think you should look at this!

[they race over and there's no sign of Starlight's body]

Mars: Starlight's body, it's gone.

Ernie: What?

Adagio Dazzling: But that's impossible!

Sideshow Bob: It couldn't have been the Indominus and Spino, they're in cages, and the Xenomorphs are in their paddock's.

[Then Jupiter comes up]

Jupiter: Something's wrong, something's happened.

Saturn: What's the matter?

Jupiter: I tried to communicate with Clayton, but he won't respond.

Ernie: Let me see. [turns on walckie talkie] Clayton, come in!


Jupiter: Something's wrong.

Sideshow Bob: Let's go check it out.

[Then out of nowhere a Xenomorph (the one that was inside Clayton had burst and it fully grown) appears at the spot Starlight's body was!]

Xenomorph: [screeches]

Mars and Adagio: WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Ernie and Sideshow Bob: Ah!

Xenomorph: [schreeches]

Ernie: On the train!

[Everyone runs on board, but the Xenomorph runs up to them until Sideshow Bob slams the door on it's face]

Sideshow Bob: DRIVE THE TRAIN!!

[Conductor do as he is told]

[The Xenomorph gets back up as the train leaves]

[then a trooper arrives]

Stormtrooper: Hey, where did everybody go?

[Then he sees the Xenomorph as it stands up straight]

Stormtrooper: AAAHHH!!!

Xenomorph: [screeches]

[It pounces and kills the trooper as the Queen arrives and watches]

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