Here's how Tonto, our heroes, and the Comanche save John in Ed, Edd, n Eddy Meet The Lone Ranger.

[We view the Constitution stopping at the silver mine as the Cavalry men hop off the flatbed]

Cavalry man 1: Clear the track, men!

Cavalry man 2: Outta the way!

[The Cavary man start walking John Reid to be exacuted]

Miner: Going to pit!

[but unknown to anyone, someone watches from behind one of the mine track bridges]

Jay Fuller: My God!

Latham Cole: Out here, it's just rock.

Flim: Put it on a train, it's priceless.

Jay Fuller: What could you buy with all of that?

Latham Cole: A country, Captain. A great country. For which our children will thank us. 

[the men uncouple the flatcar and boxcar from the train]

Railway man: Take her ahead! Line her up!

[The Constitution moves into the tunnel]

Railway mane 2: That'll do! Get these Chinaman out of here!

[The china workers leave]

Calvary man: Detail, halt!

[They put John on a flatcar then blindfold him]

[Inside the tunnel, 2 mysterious figures walked up]

Calvary man: Disn't you hear me Chinamen? I said get out!

Jay Fuller: Point, arms!

[In the coach]

Rebbecca: You don't have to do this. You'll take care of us, like you said. You don't have to do this.

Flam: We already have.

[back outside]

Jay Fuller: Load! [the soldiers do so]

Calvary man: [points his rifle at the figures] I ain't gonna tell you again!

Tonto: [holds up cage]

Calvary man: What the heck is that?

The driver: [sees his bird] Gas. That's gas!

[They run out of the tunnel]

Tonto: [feeds his bird]

Little Strongheart: Nice work.


Jay Fuller: Shouler arms!

Latham Cole: I was at Gettysburg. Twelve-thousand casualties before lunch. Know what I learned in all that carnage? Nothing is accomplished without sacrifice.

Rebecca: [spits on him]

Latham Cole: [grabs her]

Danny: Leave her alone!

Flam: Stupid kid! [slaps him]

Rebbecca: Danny!


Railway man: [throws the switch] Nice and easy!

The Driver: Get out! Get out!

Railway man: What the heck?!

The Driver: GAS! GAS! GAS!!

[pthe train starts backing up towards the silver cars]

Jay Fuller: Ready!

[soldiers cock their guns]

[In the coach

Latham Cole: I'm gonna have to teach you about respect, arent I, son?

Rebbecca: No!


Jay Fuller: Aim!

John Reid: [braces himself]

Jay Fuller: FIRE!

[The train bumps into the cars and the rear car blocked the soldiers before John was killed]

[in the coach, everyone feels a jolt]

Latham Cole: What the heck just happened?

Butch Cavendish: [checks the cab and finds no one there]

Ernie: Huh?

Butch Cavendish: [finds a pile of birdseed and a bit of buffalo hair] [snarls]

Ernie: That damn indian and young buffalo!!

[Then they hear Indian calls]

[Arrows camed out of the sky, and killing several man]

Flam: Ernie! You and Butch get the train going!

[as arrows fly out of the sky, Tonto and Luke start moving put of a tunnel]

Jay Fuller: Attack! Maintain order! To arms!

Tonto: Hold on, Kemosabe.

Luke: We'll get you out of here!

[he and Tonto gently bump into the flatcar and start pushing it]

John Reid: Tonto? Luke?

[then serveral men are shot down]

John Reid: What was that?

Tonto: No reason for concern.

Jay Fuller: Over here! To the guns! Defensive position!

Rebecca: John!

John Reid: Rebecca! I'm coming for you!

Rebecca: John!

Jay Fuller: Rally on me! [then sees the comachie on a hill top]

Indian: [speaks native, they charge]

Jay Fuller: Lord, save us.

[somewhere, a few feet from the mine, the rest of our heroes wait]

Little Strongheart: [runs up to them] The Comache tribe's comin' in! We gotta git' goin' now!

Twilight: But we need to wait for Tonto, Luke, and John!

Steamy: We ain't got a choice! We don't go in now, we ain't gonna go help at all! Wev' gotta git' goin' now! Load all the Potato Diggers! And git' that Gatlin' Gun ready!

[Tonto and Luke soon approach the tunnel]

Butch Cavendish: Faster! [points his gun at the driver] Now!

Ernie: Step on it, don't let them get away!

Driver: [opens the regulator]

Jay Fuller: Hold a firing line! [a man gets shoot down] Hold you positions, gentleman!

[the Comache tribe are getting closer]

Jay Fuller: Hold!

[and closer]

Jay Fuller: Steady! [cocks his .45 colt]

[And closer]

Jay Fuller: For God! And for country!

[They point the Gatling guns, and the tribe gets closer]

Jay Fuller: Fire at will!!!

[alll the Cavalry men fire]

[Many indians get killed]

[Back with John, Tonto and Luke]

John: Tonto, what is that?

Tonto: [looks back and sees the Constitution driving behind them]

[More indians get killed]

Tonto: Now... must to jump!

John: Left or right?

Tonto: Yes!

[they jump into a side tunnel as Luke follows]

Butch: [throws a canister of kerosene]

[John gets the blindfold off and then the canister lands next to them]

John Reid: Kerosine?

Calvary man: What are you trying ta do? Blow up the whole mountain?

Butch Cavendish: Trust us! [lights a stick of dynamite]

Ernie: These guys have hard time staying dead.

[He thows it in and causes a fire ball]


[they run down the tunnel and then jump into a river in the cave]

[Back to the battle]

Jay Fuller: Cover the flank!

[Indians get killed]

Jay Fuller: [fires his .45 colt]

Chief: YAH!!

Jay Fuller: [stabs him and then when the Cheif falls, he drops his sword and looks at his glove]

[We view of dead indians]

[then some whistles sound]

Flim: What's that?

Flam: Sounds like another train.

Ernie: [comes up] What's going on you 2?

Flim: We can hear another train.

Ernie: Impossible, the Constitution's the only one here.

Flam: Then why do we hear whistles?

Ernie: Because COLE'S train is here.

[the whistles sound again]

Ernie: Then again, I could be wrong.

Flim: Keep that, to yourself.

[the our hereos race in]

Evan: Take no damn prisoners! Shoot em' all!

[Most of the team fire their guns from the engines and the flatcars, as Rainbow, Shining Armor, Glaceon, Brian, and Vaporeon operate the five Colt-Brownings, as Little Strongheart operates the Gatling Gun]

Rattlesnake Jake: RAH!! [starts firing at the men]

[a whole bunch of Cavalry men are shot down, and those who try to fire are shot before they can]

Jay Fuller: [notices Rattlesnake Jake] My God! Rattlesnake Jake does exsist!

Rattlesnake Jake: [laughing as he shoots dwon Cavalry men]

Braeburn: [fires his shotgun] Take that, savages!

[they all soon leave]

[Back with the others]

[John and Tonto come out of the water]

Tonto: [notices his crow lying on the riverbed]

[Back with elderyly Tonto]

Tonto: [holding his crow]

Will: Mister Tonto? Mister Tonto? You mean, they killed all of them? The indians, the settlers... Dan? For silver?

[Back in the story]

John: You were right. There is no justice. [walks up to Tonto and takes a seat next to him] Cole controls everything. the railroad, the Cavalry, everything. If men like him represent the law, I'd rather be an outlaw.

Tonto: That is why, you wear the mask.

John Reid: [takes the mask]

[the others pull up]

Little Strongheart: Tonto!

Tonto: Well, what happened?

Evan: We wer' too late, the damn Cavalry shot down every one of them.

Loco 131: Ah' just can't believe the Cavalry would side with them damn jerks.

Thomas: Well, it's obivious what we should do now. We've got to find a way to take down Latham Cole, Butch Cavendish, The Cavalry, Ernie, and the Flim Flam bros.

Braeburn: Well, what can we do?

Cheif Thunderhooves: We have to stop them.

Silver: [neighs]

[then Silver is standing a on tree just a few feet away wearing John Reid's hat]

Tonto: Something very wrong, with that horse.

John Reid: [nods in agreement]

Apple Bloom: So, what'll we do?

Evan: Ah' have an idea.