Here is how Ambush by Warg Riders, Fight off the Wargs and Hiccup injured his arm goes in Yuna and the Three Kingdoms.

At Berk.

Princess Celestia: Eret, You go on ahead and scout around Berk.

Princess Luna: We'll stay with Isamu, Indy and Anna.

Eret: Very well, Your Majesties. Coming, Shining?

Shining Armor: Right behind you, Eret.

Princess Cadance: Be careful, Shining Armor.

Jaden Yuki: Don't worry, Cadance. They'll be fine.

Brain: Yeah, What could happen?

Scamper: An ambush maybe.

As Eret and Shining Armor started scouting.

Skullcrusher: (growls after smelling danger)

Eret: What is it, Skullcrusher? You got something?

Shining Armor: Something's wrong!

Suddenly, A Warg Riding scout attacked.

Eret: A Warg Riding Scout!

Shining Armor: Watch Out!

Them Derek came and shot the Warg and it's rider with his arrows.

Hiccup: What is it? What's happening?

Eret: Wargs! We're Under Attack!

Valka: Celestia! Luna! Get the Women and Children to safety! Gobber! Let's go!

Gobber: Right!

Princess Celestia: Everyone! Stay Together!

And so, The Battle begins.

Fishlegs: (took down one Warg and it fell on top of him) Flash? Shining Armor? Little Help?

Flash Sentry: Hang on, Fishlegs!

Shining Armor: (use his magic and got him out)

As Hiccup fought off a few Wargs.

Hiccup: (fighting off a few Wargs and one bit him on the left arm) AAAAHHH!!!!

Toothless: (coming to the rescue)

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Hold on, Hiccup! (blasts a few Wargs)

After the Wargs retreated.

Valka: Hiccup! I was starting to worry! Are you alright?

Hiccup: I'll be okay, Mom.

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Hiccup was attacked by a Warg and it bit his arm.

Twilight Sparkle: Ouch!

Britannic: You're going to be alright, Hiccup.

Hiccup: You're a doctor, Duchess Britannic?

Britannic: I was a RMS Britannic after all. (use her magic and healed his arm) That should do it.

Hiccup: Thanks.

Princess Luna: Oh, Yuna. Where could you be?

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