An Adventure in Disneyland (Part One) is Second Episode of Sora's Adventure Chronicles by TheAngryPepe. it will appear sometime on Youtube Near Future.


Sora and His Team Traveled Back to Disneyland to Spend a Day. But Sora's Enemies is Out There to Ruin Sora's Trip and Decide to Ruins Everyone Else's Day. When Riding the Matterhorn, Pete and Winterbolt Summons the Yetis to Kidnap Goofy and Ally (In Order to Save Them, Sora and the Others Would Throw a Snowball at the Villians and the Yetis). The Heartless Also Running the Place in Tomorrowland and Everyone Have to Fight Them. Where to Next? Find Out in Part Two of An Adventure in Disneyland.


The Vultures, Jiminy Cricket, Benny the Beast, McKenzie Fox, Big Ben, Uncle Gizmo and Pappy Polie guest Stars in This Episode.

The Storyline continues in An Adventure in Disneyland (Part Two).

The Attractions Appears in This Part is Main Street, Fantasyland, Matterhorn, Mad Tea Party, Tomorrowland and Haunted Mansion.

It's a First Time That, Goofy and Ally Got Kidnapped by a Yeti at the Matterhorn.

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