Here's how Anger came up with an idea in Weekenders Go Inside Out.

[after the failed hockey tryout Riley sulks in her room]

Disgust: On the scale of 1 to 10. I give this day an F.

Anger: Well, why won't we quit standing around and do something?!

Disgust: Like what genius?

Human Rarity: Yeah, like what?

Fear: Like quitting. That's what I'm doing. Sure it's the coward way out, but this coward's gonna survive.

[Fear is about to go into the air, but the memories go up and Fear is unable to go to the Long-Term memory]

Disgust: Emotions can't quit genius!

[Fear spits out a disgust memory]

Carver: EW!!!!!!!!!

Disgust: Uck! I thought we suppose to make Riley happy!

Anger: Wait a minute. Wait a minute! [Anger searches for an idea and this he found it] Ah-ha! Ho-ho- ho

Star: What's that?

Lor: What's so funny?

Fear: What is it?

Anger: Oh nothing just the best idea ever.

Disgust and Human Rainbow Dash: What?

Doraemon: Oh no! You wouldn't dare!

Anger: All the good core memory are made in Minnesota. Ergo, we go back to Minnesota and make more. Ta-dah!

Fear: Wait, wait, wait! Are you saying we ... run away?

Anger: Well, I wouldn't call it that. I call it the 'Happy core memory development program'.

Fear: You can't be serious!

Human Applejack: Yeah, are you crazy?!

Doraemon: Think Anger, who know what happens if Riley runs away!

Anger: Hey! Our life was perfect! Until mon and dad decided to move to San Fran stincko.

Fear: But, I mean. It's just so drastic.

Anger: Need I remind you of how great things were there. Our room. Our backyard. Our friends.

[The memory play the gum commercial song]

Anger: Did I ask for the gum commercial?! Anyway, it was better. That's my point.

Disgust: Yeah, Riley was happier in Minnesota.

Human Rainbow Dash: I have to agree with you, Disgust.

Human Rarity: Me too, because Riley was way happier there.

Fear: Wait. Hold on. Should we just sleep on this or something?

Human: Fluttershy: Yeah, we should sleep on this, we'll think about it in the morning.

Anger: Fine, let's sleep on it. But, hey. I'm sure joyly fun-filled times are just around the corner.