This is how Mr. Blik expresses his anger at Pablo in Diesel City Adventure: The Search for The Cartoon Flamers' instruments.

[after the train pulls out of the siding, Mr. Blik then goes up to Pablo.]

Mr. Blik: Pablo.

Pablo: Yeah?

Mr. Blik: Could you please try.. NOT TO HAVE SO MANY PANIC ATTACKS?!!!! You've got to quit it! Ok?

Pablo: But, Mr. Blik. I can't help it, they just happen.

Mr. Blik: That doesn't matter! Your panic-attack proneness is not helping anyone! It's becoming a real bother!

Pablo: But, Mr. Blik, It's just...

Mr. Blik: [as Kyle Reese] SHUT UP!! Look I don't care if that's who you are, all I know is you're a real big bother to everyone, everytime you have a panic-attack! It never helps any of us with any adventure we go on, right now I'd appricate if you'd just stand down for a little!

Pablo: [feeling hurt] Okay, I understand. [he then walks away and goes into the coach]

Mr. Blik: [to himself] Stupid penguin.

[To the present]

Human Pinkie: HEY!! PABLO'S NOT STUPID!!!

Joe: He did deserved it because he is a panic boy.

Zoe Trent: Dee.. He deserved it?! YOU TAKE THAT BACK!! [growls]

Pepper Clark: I agree, Mr. Blik's staement to him was way too harse.

Peter: Girls, it's true. 

Cleveland: Yeah, his whole life is nothing but stupid panic attacks.


Human Rainbow: Yeah, and that's all that matters.

Quagmire: Hey! Whose side you on Rainbow?! You laughed with us earlier.

Human Rainbow: Yeah I did, but Pablo didn't derseve that harse statement.

Minka Mark: Thank you!

[Thunder crackles]


Brian: Can we continue?

Blackie: Yes. Continuing on, after Mr. Blik snapped at Pablo...

[back to the story]

Blackie: [narrating] Spongebob was shocked at what Blik said so he went over to talk to him.

Spongebob: Mr. Blik!

Mr. Blik: Yeah?

Spongebob: How could you say that Pablo?!

Mr. Blik: What? It's true.

Spongebob: He's young.

Mr. Blik: Oh please, that Penguin couldn't come up with any attack plan, let along lead the team.

Spongebob: [gasp] How could you say that?!

Mr. Blik: Beacuse I had to! I mean, how can someone who panics alot ever lead a team?

Spongebob: Mr. Blik, I won't have anything like that ever said about anyone. I'll let you know, I beleive Pablo could lead the team anyday.

Mr. Blik: Really? That'll be the day. [walks away]

[Meanwhile Pablo, is sitting in the caboose thinking about what Mr. Blik said]

Pablo: How could he say that about me? I may have my panic attacks, but I'm still good team member.

Quagmire: Says you.

Blackie: QUAGMIRE!!

Quagmire: Sorry.

Pablo; I'll prove to Blik, I can be more than what I appear. He'll see. I could make an escape plan if I could.

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