This is how the Animal Adoption show and where Zoe Trent gets kidnapped by Burke and Blair in The Great Dog Caper.

[the camera then zooms in on Fluttershy and Pinkie putting up a sign]

Zoe Trent: [reading sign] "Animal Adoption show?" [gasp] Animal Adoption show! [leans over the side pf the perch] Animal Adoption show! Everyone, wake up! There's an Animal Adoption show outside!

Pepper Clark: Adoption show?

Falcon: Quick, emergency rollcall!  Everyone get in line!

[they all get in line as the Beavers have a checklist]

Timber: Pepper Clark.

Pepper Clark: Present.

Splinter: Minka Mark.

Minka Mark: Here!

Chomper: Owlicious.

Owlicious: Hoo.

Timber: Gummy.

[Gummy blinks]

Timber: Check.

Splinter: Opal.

Opal: Right here.

Chomper: Winona.

Winona: Here, sugarcube.

Sunil Nevla: Oh, I hate adoption shows! [hears footsteps] WAH! FLUTTERSHY'S COMING!!

[they all race back to their places]

Zoe Trent: [gasp]

Dorg: [gasp] Oh boy, [he starts limping back but then he falls off the perch] Whoa! [he falls into a box]

Fluttershy: [comes in] [humming a tune] Alright, let's see who's coming down. [continues humming as she walks around the room] [picks up a small kennel of mice.] [Then she goes to Sunil] [taps Sunil's shoulder] Um excuse me, Sunil. Could you please move aside?

Sunil Nevla: Oh, sure.

Fluttershy: [picks up a pen with a cat] [continues humming] [then she picks up the box with Dorg in it!]

Dorg: Bye, Zoe.

Zoe Trent: [watches as Fluttershy leaves the room] Dorg! Come on, Zoe, Think. Think! Think! Think! Oh! [tries to whistle but is using the wrong paw] Oops, wrong paw. [whistles]

Sidney: [comes in the room] [barks]

Zoe Trent: Hey, boy! Sidney! Hey Sidney! Up here! [she then starts to climb down but slips] No. No. No! AAH!

[Sidney catches Zoe]

Zoe Trent: Okay, boy. To the Adoption show! Hiya!

Sidney: [barks and then takes off, out the door]

Vinnie Terrio: What's goin' on?

Penny Ling: Zoe!

Pepper Clark: What is she doin'?!

Opal: Has she gone mad?!

Tank: Her collar's not that bad.

Minka Mark: DON'T DO IT ZOE, WE LOVE YOU!!!!

[at the stairs]

Zoe Trent: Careful down the stairs.

[Zoe bounces around as Sidney races down the stairs, then bumps into the wall at the bottom]

[Sidney gently pushes open the door and they look outside]

Fluttershy: [places the box on a table] Hello, can I help you?

Zoe Trent: Okay, let's go. And keep it casual.

Sidney: [barking] [he slowly walks out the door and then prances down the steps]

Zoe Trent: Not that casual.

Sidney: [walks forward in a casual form]

[the others all race to the window]

Opal: What's happening down there?

Angel bunny: I have no idea.

Penny Ling: Can you see her?

Pepper Clark: [looking through binoculars] There she is.

Sidney: [walks under the tables and the comes up to the table with Dorg's box]

Zoe Trent: Okay, Sidney take me up.

[Sidney puts Zoe on the table. Zoe then hides behind a scratching post and then hops in the box]

Whiffle: AAH! She's getting the in the box!

Angel Bunny: She's sellin' herself for $1.10!

Winona: Oh Zoe, you're worth more than that.

Pepper Clark: Wait a minute, she's got something. [gasp] It's Dorg!

Beavers: Dorg?

Sunil Nevla: What a minute! It is not suicide, it's a rescue!

Zoe Trent: [puts him on Sidney] There you go darling.

Dorg: Thanks, Zoe.

Zoe Trent: [hops on] Okay, back to the room, hiya!

{Sidney starts heading back]

Pepper Clark: Nice one, Zoe!

Russel Ferguson: Way to go, gal!

Vinnie Terrio: Alright!

Dorg: Zoe, I'm slipping!

Zoe Trent: [pushes Dorg back on but then Sidney jumps over a fencing peice] WHOA! OOF!! [she watches Sidney run back inside] Wait, Sidney! Come back!

[then a little girl walks up to her]

Little Girl: Mommy, mommy. Look. Look at this! [picks up Zoe] Mommy look, it's a cute little, purple doggy!

Falcon: No, no, no, no, no, no!

Sunvil Nevla: HEY! THAT'S NOT HER DOG!!

Winona: What's that little whipper snapper think she's doin'?

Little Girl: Mommy, mommy. Can we get her please? Mommy, please?

Girl's mother: Oh honey, you don't want that dog. She has a broken collar. [tosses Zoe onto another table]

Zoe Trent: [lands on a table, losing her beret in the process] OW!! She could've thrown me a little nicer.

Blair: [gasp]

Zoe Trent: Uh oh.

[Blair rusts over to the table with Zoe]

Blair: [gasp]

Burke: What is it, Mr. Blair?

Blair: It appears to be a purple Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. With some goregous purple and magenta hair. Hmm, a broken collar. Fixable.

Burke: Ooh, she'd be good. But if only she had a hand stitched, slik..

[they see Zoe's beret]

Blair: [gasp] Mr. Burke! A BERET!!!

Burke: Mr. Blair! We found her! We found her! [laughs in victory, as Blair puts Zoe's hat back on her]

[we hear Sidney barking in the background]

Fluttershy: Sidney! Please be quiet!

[the tugs then picks up a few random things]

Fluttershy: [comes up to the tugs] Hello, can I help you?

Burke: oh yeah.

Winona: Yeah, you can help take their paws off of my pal!

Blair: I say, we'll give ya $2.50 for these.

Fluttershy: Oh my, how did you get down here Zoe?

Pepper Clark: Just hand her the dog. Nice and easy.

Burke: Okay then, $10.

Fluttershy: I'm sorry you 2. But you can't have this cute dog. [grabs Zoe]

Blair: Doh! Grr..

Pepper Clark: Now just walk away.

Burke: Wait!

Pepper Clark: The other way.

Blair: We'll give you 200 bucks for her, Miss!

Angel Bunny: 200 bucks ain't bad.

Tank: [nods in agreement]

Fluttershy: She's not for sale.

Burke: Everything's for sale.

Fluttershy: Here, Zoe. Stay here. [puts Zoe in an empty kennel and locks it]

Blair: Or we could trade.

Burke: Yeah! What would you like?

Fluttershy: Sorry. But no is "no".

Pepper Clark: She's safe.

Angel Bunny: Way to go, Fluttershy!

Whiffle: Man, that was close.

Winona: She showed those 2!

Fluttershy: Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to work.

Blair: But Ma... Grrrr.

Burke: Now what?

Minka Mark: Yeah go home you, 2 fancy cars.

Blair: [bumps into something] Ah.

Pepper Clark: Wait a minute.

Tank: What's up?

Burke: What's up, Mr. Blair?

Blair: Look, Mr. Burke

Penny Ling: What is it, Pepper?

Blair: [throws it]

Fluttershy: Huh? Now what? [goes to the place where she heard the crash]

Uni-Kitty: What's going on down there?

Russel Ferguson: What're they doing?

[then the tugs are now picking the lock on the kennel]

Sunil Nevla: I can't watch! Can someone cover my eyes?

Oliver: Are they robbing?

Falcon: They're not robbing.

Pepper Clark: Oh no, they're stealin' Zoe!

Angel Bunny: Stealing?!

Sunil Nevla: What?! They can't take Zoe, it's illeagal.

Winona: Where are they goin'?

Opal: Goodness, somebody do something!

Pepper Clark: [jumps off the window and slides down a gutter pipe]

Uni-Kitty: Pepper!

Pepper Clark: [takes off for the tugs]

Tank: Get her, Pepper!

Sunil Nevla: [biting his nails]

Pepper Clark: [hides]

Fluttershy: Okay, where are the 2 tugboats?

Pepper Clark: [gets closer]

[we now see the 2 loading Zoe into a car trunk]

Blair: Money, here we come. [in Arry's voice (cackles)]

Pepper Clark: [takes action]

[the car starts to take off, as Pepper manages to jump on the back]

Pepper Clark: Okay, gotta get her out. [tries to open the trunk] Oh! [presses the open button and is about to lift the door, when the car hits bump] Whoa! [tumbles on the roadway] Oof! Ah! Ooh. [stops tumbling and watches the car take off (we see the lisence plate says: BRBLRSY)] [then grabs a feather]

[The other pets gasp]

Uni-Kitty: They got away!

Timber: Why would someone steal, Zoe?

[we fade out of this scene and go to where the tugs are driving at full speed then they stop]

Zoe Trent: Whoa! [tumbles] Bof!

[gasps as the trunk is opened]

[the tugs then grab the bag and start walking to the door]

Zoe Trent: [gasp]

[The 2 then go inside the apartment]

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