This is how Another Blank Point goes in Super Thomas and His Hero Friends.

Another Blank Point

[X-PO explain about what happened in Chima]

Tino: What? You don't think that Chima is...

X-PO: Yes.

Tino: But what about Laval and his-

X-PO: Gone, we don't know what happened to them.

[And that makes Tino sad]

Tino: No... Laval, if you and your friends world is gone, what happened to you?

Images of their backs, preserved in memory. 

Bowser: Let me get this straight. You fail to take over the World thanks to those Heroes. Failed to destroy them and even though you almost have Lord Vortech killed from them?

Pete: Yes, but I can explain!

Bowser: (Sigh) This is boring.

[Maleficent is leaving]

Pete: Maleficent, where are you going?

Maleficent: I need to see someone on my own, I'll be back.

[She left to see someone]

????: I see you're here.

???? 2: Hello, Maleficent.

Maleficent: Yes, Hello, Black Doom and Myotismon.

Twelve who were never meant to meet

[At the Dark Margin]

[Brian and Stewie saw Aqua]

Brian: Aqua?

Aqua: Brain, Stewie, where were you?

Stewie: We got lost.

Brian: And we don't know where you are.

Ansem the Wise: Look like I have two guest, what's you're name?

Brian: Brian.

Stewie: Stewie.

Ansem the Wise: I see. It's time for us to go.

Aqua: To where?

Ansem: To see my friends, they were waiting for me. Even the other heroes like you, three.

[He walk off with Aqua, Brian and Stewie and they saw three Robot Monkey, Three Digimon and Two Black Coat Persons]

Aqua: Who are they?

Ansem The Wise: They were from another world like you. Those two were my partner Digimon and my friend.

Nova: Otto, Gibson, Look.

Beetlemon: Looks like they're here now.

Kazemon: What's you're name?

Aqua: Aqua.

Brian: Brian.

Stewie: Stewie.

Kazemon: Great to meet you, I'm Kazemon.

Beetlemon: Beetlemon.

Socermon: Socermon.

Nova: I'm Nova.

Otto: Otto.

Gibson: Gibson.

Brian: How did you end up here?

Kazemon: We sacrifice for our friends, after you came and before Nova and the Others came.

Aqua: I see... What about you two?

Mephiles The Rabbit: Me, My friends remember that shore that we been, but we don't know how we met, But unfortunately, much like the first, second and Third. We do not remember who we are, or whence we came. Everything has been washed away in wherever currents carried us here to a separate shore.

Brian: That's very Hurtful. Me, Aqua and Stewie were been here all the time, wandering through the endless hours... Unable to escape...

Wisemon: Do you wish to return home?

Stewie: Yes. I wonder how Meg is doing with Ryan? And we promise we'll be with them.

Wisemon: Your Friends? Somewhere in this scrap of memory we have left, you remind of an animal, three Digimon and a Boy once knew. They are very much like you. True to their friend, and their kind. These Heroes travels to many world and fight to keep the light safe.

Brian: Keep the Light safe? Wait, Me, Stewie and Aqua been to the Realm of Darkness for so long, are the world's in danger?

Ansem the Wise: Sad to say, they nearly fell to Darkness more then once. But that every turn, those 5 Heroes arrived with the Sword, Keyblade even the power of Warrior, Mystic and Guardian's their hands to save the day.

Brian: Five Heroes? Wait! Are they're name are Ryan, Twilight, Tino, Meg and Thomas?

Mephiles The Rabbit: I don't think those name's is for them to save us.

Brian: Oh, I thought it was them?

Mephiles The Rabbit: How long did I met that Animal? Maybe Three Years, at least? Before Three Digimon and a Boy came.

Wisemon: Even those Three Digimon I met two years, at least? Before the Boy came.

Ansem: How long has it been since I met him? At least a year now, perhaps more... Back then, our heart was clouded with vengeance. We did terrible things... Both to them and their Friends. We brought unhappiness to more lives than one. We felt something must be done. Was that why? A means of clearing our conscience? Or perhaps, out of the sort of scholarly instinct? While the Heroes slept their long sleep, we hid the result of my research inside them, transplanting the data to where it might be best serve a purpose. In fact, we would like to believe... Maybe they can set things right. A boy, an Animal and three digimon like them who touches so many Hearts. They could open the right door, and save all those people whose lives we managed to ruin. So many still waiting for their new beginning, their birth by sleep. Even me, my friend and my partner. Even you all.

Brian: Then who are the Heroes names?

Wiseman: Their names are....

All the pieces lies together...

[At the Old Mansion]

[A little girl is drawing something and it was]

Marina: Ace.


[At the Digital Old Mansion]

[Three Boys are writing a book, typing the laptop and doing Tarot]

Yuuya: Damemon.


[At another Old Mansion]

[Namine is drawing something and it was]

Namine: Sora.


[At Acme Acres]

[Buster and his friends, even the Perfecto Prep and Kenny are watching the Sun]

All: Ace.


[At Digital Twilight Town]

[Veemon, Hawkmon, Dorumon, Gaomon, Agumon, Falcomon and Impmon are watching the Sun]

All: Gumdramon.


[At Twilight Town]

[Xion, Roxas and Axel are eating a Sea Salt Ice Cream]

Xion & Roxas: Sora.


[In Shuggazoom City]

[Sparx is sleeping in a Bench and then Antuari, Chiro and Jinmay wake him up and look at the Stars]

All: Ace.


[Kotemon is sleeping in a Bench and then Agunimon, Lobomon, Loweemon, Kumamon and Bearmon wakes them up and they look at the stars]

All: Shoutmon.


At the Land of Departure.

[Terra walks up to Ven and he wakes up]

Terra & Ven: Sora.


[At the Unknown World]

[5 Person on a Roof are having an Ice Cream and it was Laval, who's still Alive when he's world is gone, and he hang out with a Blue Cat named Happy, A Black Mage named Vivi Ornitier, A Boy named Shu and Another Boy named Lann And they look at the Stars]

Happy: Ace.

Vivi: Gumdramon.

Lann: Damemon.

Shu: Shoutmon.

Laval: Sora.

[Back at the Dark Margin]

[They told the Names about the 5 Heroes and they cry]

Nova, Otto and Gibson: Ace.

Socermon: Gumdramon.

Beetlemon: Damemon.

Kazemon: Shoutmon.

Aqua, Brian and Stewie: Sora.

Where Five Heroes Will Unite Together

Ace is holding the Letter form his Ancestorr

Duck: Ace?

He saw Duck, Tech and Rev

Ace: Guys.

Duck: So... You're mind has made up?

Ace: Yep.

Then Lexi and Slam appeared

Lexi: Ace?

Ace: Lexi... Look... I...

Lexi: Go on.

Ace: You see... It just... They really need me... I have to help them. I am who I am, because of them.

Lexi gave him a Lucky Charm

Lexi: Good luck.

Where They Will Meet From The Same Place

Shoutmon is holding the Letter from Fuyunyan

Psychemon: Shoutmon?

He saw Psychemon, Dracmon, Opposummon, Gumdramon and Damemon

Shoutmon: Guys.

Dracmon: So... You're mind has made up?

Shoutmon: Yes.

Damemon: Even me.

Gumdramon: So am I.

Then their Human Partner appeared

Taiki: Shoutmon?

Taigiru: Gumdramon?

Yuu: Damemon?

Shoutmon: Taiki... Look... We...

Taiki: Go on.

Gumdramon: You see... It just... They really need us... We have to leave. We are who we are, because of them.

Taiki give Shoutmon a Ring, Yuu give Damemon a Lucky Charm and Taigiru give Gumdramon a necklace

Taiki: Be safe.

Yuu: Take care of yourself.

Taigiru: Make sure you come back.

Where They All Waiting For Them...

At Destiny Island

Sora is watching the Sun and he's holding a Bottle and letter from King Mickey

Riku: Sora.

Sora: Riku?

Riku: You're minds made up?


Then Kairi appeared

Kairi: Sora.

Sora: Kairi, I...

She nod at Him

Sora: It just... They really need me. I have to go. I am who I am... Because of them.

Kairi gave him her lucky charm

Kairi: See you soon.

Reconnect Kingdom Hearts: Three Stories

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