Here is how Apocalypse and the Horsemen join forces with the Villains in War of the Apocalypse.

(we see the Villains in a meeting)

Shredder: At last, we can destroy them!

Bebop: Yeah!

Myotismon:(senses something) We might be having some unexpected guests.

Kurumi Tokisaki: What are you talking about?

(as if to answer her question, everyone turned to see what looked like a blue force field appear and disappear)

(inside the field was none other than Apocalypse and his Horsemen)

Klorgbane: Why are you people here?

Apocalypse: To forge an alliance.

Bowser Jr.: Why should we trust you?

Apocalypse: My followers have abilities you do not. For example, Erik can move the very Earth with his powers.

Magneto:(demonstrates by destroying a mutant concentration camp)

Puppetmon: I'm still not convinced.

Apocalypse: I have intentions of rebuilding my pyramid in Tokyo, so I can transfer my consciousness into this boy.

Archangel:(reveals he is holding Hiatt Grey)

Apocalypse: During the transference, I will be vulnerable. I will need protection.

MetalSeadramon: That's a bit overkill.

Piedmon: Talk about turning a hero to the Dark Side.

Nightmare Moon: I am impressed.

Bowser: Very well, but not because you were going to Tokyo anyways, but because you have impressed us all.

Apocalypse: Wise choice.(looks at Megatron and talks to him, via telepathy) You never should have visited what was left of Sokovia that day.

Megatron:(in his mind) And why is that?

Apocalypse:(in his mind) Because I sense two minds in you.


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