Here is how Apocalypse is alive goes in Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

[the episode kicks off with the place where En Sabah Nur was destroyed in 1983]


(suddenly, the wind repairs the destroyed Armour)

(the dust then reforms into a skeleton)

(then lightning strikes and flesh returns)

Apocalypse: Gasps.(coughs)

(he looks around and sees no one around)

Apocalypse:(gets up)

(he then senses something)

Apocalypse: Sirens.(he gets up and knowing that he can't fight their allies alone, he heads to the Fire Nation Capital prison, and puts on a cloak to hide his face)

Apocalypse: They will not stand in my way this time. Their time is running out.

(the theme plays)

(The theme ends)

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