Here is how Apocalypse launches the world's nuclear missiles into space goes in War of the Apocalypse.

(we then see Celestia watching over Canterlot through the telescope)

(we then see five people on the roof of Fluttershy's cottage)

Psylock: She's watching over the capital city.

(they all look at her)

Archangel: She'll see us coming if we strike now.

Apocalypse: We need that telescope to to get the world to launch their missiles.

Storm: Well we can't just steal it. She'll send her guards after us.

Apocalypse: In order to accomplish this feat, I must see through her eyes.(eyes turn white)

Princess Celestia: Oh God.(starts sweating and becomes shaky)

Princess Luna: Celestia what is wrong?

Shining Armour: What's happening?

Princess Cadence: I don't know. This beyond either me or Luna.

Princess Celestia: I've never felt power like this.(eyes turn black as Nur reaches her mind)

Apocalypse:(in his amplified voice) You cannot block me forever, Alicorn!

Princess Celestia:(looks into the scope and sees everyone with controls to nuclear missiles, ordering them to launch them into space, telepathically as their eyes also turn black)

Princess Luna: Celestia stop this!

(the heroes walk in and suddenly Celestia is no longer under his control)

Princess Celestia: Starlight.

Starlight Glimmer: Yes?

Princess Celestia: Destroy it. Destroy it all. Destroy the balcony.

Apocalypse:(in his amplified voice) You can fire your arrows from the Tower of Babel!

Princess Celestia: Now Starlight! Do it!

Apocalypse:(in his amplified voice) But you can never... Strike... God!

Starlight Glimmer:(destroys the balcony and the telescope)

(they pull her away)

(suddenly a noise is heard outside)

(thinking it's the Villains, the Keyblade wielders check it out, only to find Apocalypse and his Horsemen)

Apocalypse: Make a mess of things.

Magneto:(rips the metal of any building with the stuff)

Psylock:(starts killing guards on the ground)

Storm:(creates a storm that floods the gardens and the streets)

Archangel:(kills the Pegasi guards)

Apocalypse:(telekinetically pulls the Keyblades out of their hands) Foolish children.(breaks Human Rainbow Dash's leg)

(once they finish, they gather)

Apocalypse: All will be revealed.(teleports them away)

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