Here is how Apocalypse rescues Riptide, thanking Spidey, and imbuing Riptide goes in Age of Darkness.

(we then see a stone wall)

(we see Nur's hand brushing against it)

(he passes a few cars into the market place)

(he then sees the mutant Riptide ordering some kids to be ready to move on his signal)

(he watches as Riptide gets into position)

Riptide:(uses his twister powers to stir up a sandstorm)

(people rush to try and cover the food)

Riptide:(rushes up and steals some)

(the merchants chase after him as the other children steal some more food)

Apocalypse:(slowly follows)

(Riptide then runs into an alleyway, where another merchant blocks him)

(Riptide turns and sees the merchant he stole from has blocked him, cornering him)

Merchant:(in Egyptian) Weet jy wat ons met diewe doen? Kies 'n hand.(translation: "Do you know what we do with thieves? Choose a hand.")(takes out a knife)

Apocalypse:(appears)(in ancient Egyptian) Genoeg.(translation: "Enough.")

(they turn to him)

Merchant:(in Egyptian) As jy by hom is, stel ek vor dat jy weg gaan. Gaan weg.(translation: "If you ar with him, then I suggest you go away. Go away.")

Apocalypse:(in Egyptian) Wie regeer hierdie wereld?(translation: "Who rules this world?")

Merchant:(in Egyptian) Wattar taal is dit? Nar! Wat wil jy he? Gaan weg!(translation: "What language is that? Clown! What do you want? Go away!")

(three more merchants arrive, and Apocalypse uses his powers to decapitate them with dust)

(the merchant with the broom drops the broom and runs)

Merchant:(in Egyptian) Jammer. Jammer.(drops the knife)(translation: "Sorry. Sorry.")

(Nur begins approaching him)

Apocalypse:(in Egyptian) Jy kan nie voel dit nie, can jy?(eyes turn white as he starts melting him into the wall)(translation: "You can't feel it, can you?") Nou voel jy dit.(translation: "Now you feel it.")(looks over at Riptide)

(cut back to Canterlot)


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