This is how Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy vs. Lugnut goes in My Little Pony: Endgame.

[Rainbow Dash leads Applejack and Fluttershy towards an underground sewer]

Rainbow Dash: Come on, you guys.

Applejack: You heard her, Fluttershy. Move it.

Fluttershy: Okay.

[They jump in just as Lugnut in jet form flies overheard]

Rainbow Dash: Okay. I think we made it.

Applejack: He won't take long to find us though.

Fluttershy: Yeah.

[They hear Lugnut coming and he eventually finds them]

Lugnut: I thought I heard you pests down here.

[Lugnut finds vases and looks in the one on the right and finds nothing]

Lugnut: Huh?

[Lugnut tries the one on the left and finds nothing]

Lugnut: What is going on?!

[Lugnut gets angry and smashes the one in the middle and it breaks apart to reveal Fluttershy]

Fluttershy: [yelps]

Lugnut: There you are.

[He is about to grab her when she jumps off and starts running]

Lugnut: Come back here!

[He chases her]

[Fluttershy runs into a dead end]

Lugnut: Nowhere to run now, coward.

[Fluttershy cowers until Rainbow Dash shows up]

Rainbow Dash:

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