This is how Applejack vs. Hardshell goes in Sparkling Problems.

[Applejack walks through a corridor with Sparkling Bulkhead and Wheeljack on her back]

Applejack: Don't worry. We're almost out.

[Applejack hears something]

Applejack: [gasps] Hardshell.

[She peeks through a door and sees Starscream and Hardshell talking with each other]

Starscream: Hardshell, what do you have to report?

Hardshell: Yes. The ponies somehow snuck in. I believe they now seek to free their guardians from their miniture size.

Applejack: [to herself, whisper] I knew they were working together.

Starscream: So, the Equines have come to turn their Autobot friends back to normal. Your brethren and I will make certain that they do not escape. In the meantime, go find the orange Earth Pony and bring her to me.

Hardshell: Yes, Lord Starscream.

[Starscream and Hardshell set off to find the ponies while Applejack gallops off]

Applejack: Stay close you guys.

[Applejack runs into Hardshell, hanging upside down on the ceiling in robot mode]

Hardshell: Hello, my little one.

[Hardshell climbs down from the ceiling]

Applejack: Hardshell.

Hardshell: Applejack.

Applejack: Been a long time.

Hardshell: Too long.

Applejack: What do you want?

Hardshell: I'd like a challenge.

[Hardshell throws his fist down and Applejack runs off]

Hardshell: You won't escape me!

[Hardshell goes after Applejack and the two Sparkling Wreckers]

Hardshell: Where is the fight you promised me, my little Earth Pony?

[Applejack hides in a storage room]

Applejack: [whisper] You two should get outta here. It's not safe.

[Hardshell finds Applejack and punches his fist through the door and tears it off its hinges and throws it away]

Hardshell: Your friends won't help you. You're stuck with me.

[Hardshell advances on Applejack, who starts to gallop towards him as the two Sparkling Wreckers escape through an air vent]

Applejack: [kicks Hardshell]

Hardshell: Learned a few Wrecker tricks from your favorite Wrecker, my dear Applejack?

Applejack: Yep.

Hardshell: Well, you are impressive.

Applejack: Leave it to Starscream to send an Insecticon to do his dirty work.

Hardshell: You know a thing or two about dirty work yourself, Wielder of the Element of Honesty.

Applejack: Yeah.

Hardshell: Well, then, let's see you do a few more Wrecker tricks.

[Hardshell fights her]

Applejack: How'd you know I wield the Element of Honesty?

Hardshell: I know

[Hardshell holds Applejack upside down by her tail]

Hardshell: Another Wrecker to add to my list and collection of Wreckers I defeated. Lord Starscream has trapped your precious friends with my Insecticon brethren. When I'm finished with you, they're next.

Applejack: Ah ain't gonna let that happen. You'll just lose again.

Hardshell: Not this time.


Twilight Sparkle: Insecticons.

Rainbow Dash: What do we do now?

Fluttershy: I don't know.

Rarity: But we'd better think fast.

Pinkie Pie: We need find the other Autobots.

Starlight Glimmer: Applejack probably has Wheeljack and Bulkhead in a safe place.

Trixie: She always knows a good safe hiding place.

Thorax: That is one cunning Earth Pony.

Discord: This seems like one of those moments where we need a plan.

[Starscream arrives]

Starscream: Insecticons, take these ponies to the same place your leader put that Earth Pony.

Insecticons: Yes, Lord Starscream.

[The Insecticons leave with the ponies dangling by their tails in their hands, but Starlight uses a teleportation spell and teleports herself, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord away]

Starscream: [growls] Find those two unicorns, that former spirit of Chaos, and that Changeling traitor.

Insecticons: Yes, Lord Starscream.

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