Aqua, Terra, and Ventus Meets Robin Hood is another Kingdom Hearts crossover film planned to be Made by TheAngryPepe. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


Aqua, Terra, Ventus and Their Friends have time-traveled to Nottingham, England and met the Greatest Legendary Hero ever: Robin Hood. Together, they rob from the rich to feed the poor and save England from an evil lion named Prince John, whom Pete, Ursula, and Chelsea Barnes work for.


The film takes place before Sora's Adventures of The Sword in the Stone. (This Take after Sora Gets Tangled).

Mary Contrary, McKenzie Fox, Karen Rooney, The ToonTown Adventure Crew (Lela, Tanner, Liv and Maddie), Pollie Pi, Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit will Be Good Guest Stars.

Due to This Film is a Past Adventure, Both Archimedes the Owl and K-2SO will be Absent.

Robin Hood Released on Bluray, The Same Time that Teen Beach Movie and Liv and Maddie First Aired on Television.

Like the Upcoming Remake of Sora Meets Robin Hood and Littlefoot's Adventures of Robin Hood, This Film will be in PAL Format.

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