(Aqua and her friends travels through the Lanes Between on her glider. They sees a warming light up ahead)

Aqua: What's that light?

Stealth Elf: I don't know.

(She arrives on an island beach, and walks along a bridge toward a sandbar. She looks over and sees a paopu tree. She smiles and takes out her Wayfinder)

Aqua: Terra... Ven... I hope we're ready for the storm that's coming.

(She hears something and looks to her right)

????: Hey, wait up!

????: Too slow, Sora! See ya at the finish line!

(She sees two young boys racing along the beach. The silver-haired one raises an arm as he reaches the imaginary finish line. The brown-haired one catches up and bends over, catching his breath)

Sora: One more time! You just got lucky.

(Riku looks up and sees Aqua walking across the bridge)

Riku: Hm?

Sora: Huh?

(Sora looks up and Aqua gazes back at them. She smiles and jumps down into a kneel, startling Sora. He scratches his spiky head and chuckles in embarassment. Aqua laughs with him and looks over at Riku, who returns her stare)

Aqua (thinking): This boy looks so sincere--just like Terra.

(She looks at Sora)

Aqua (thinking): And this one--he's the spitting image of Ven.

(She laughs and the two look at each other)

Aqua: One of you might be special enough. Hey, you two mind telling me your names?

Sora (raising his hand): I'm Sora!

Aqua: And you?

Riku: Riku.

Aqua (thinking): Someone has already passed this boy the power. Was it Terra?

(They look at each other again)

Aqua: Sora, do you like Riku?

Sora (grinning widely): Of course I like him, he's my best friend!

Aqua (smiling): Good. So then, if something happens, and Riku is about to get lost--or say, he starts wandering down a dark path alone--you make sure to stay with him and keep him safe.

(They look at each other open-mouthed)

Aqua: That's your job, Sora, and I'm counting on you to do it, okay?

(She laughs and pets their heads. Riku smiles and Sora laughs. They leave Aqua and walk along the beach to the docks. Aqua returns to the sandbar and sits on the paopu tree)

Aqua: One Keyblade is enough...for any friendship. I learned it the hard way. I wouldn't wish our lives on those children.

(She looks at her blue Wayfinder)

Aqua: Terra, please tell me--what's to become of us?

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