is the daughter of Fluttershy and Humblebee, Her name is based off the type of family that spiders are in (Arachnids). She also happens to be even shyer than her mother. She practically never wants to leave her mother's side. But if it happens, She gets in a maddened frenzy to try and find her (Because of this, She's homeschooled. Exclusively because of the Schoolhouse incident.) Unlike other ponies her age, she not only tolerates spiders, she actually likes them as well. She doesn't like mean ponies or seeing her friends get hurt. For some strange reason, she happens to be fluent in insect (She can talk to bugs).

Relationship with the Frosticons

Relationship with Gypsy

In Gypsy's Day Off, Arachna and Gypsy were great friends.



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