This is how Arcee and Rainbow Dash on the Nemesis goes in Orion Pax and Nightfall Twinkle Part 1.

Knock Out: Ready for that bridge.

[The Groundbridge opens and Breakdown runs through]

Knock Out: We'll be sure to tell the big O and T you said hello.

[Arcee and Rainbow Dash go after Knock Out and Breakdown]

Bulkhead: Arcee!

Applejack: Rainbow Dash!

[Before the bridge closes, Arcee and Rainbow Dash race through it, leap over Knock Out and Breakdown's heads, and onto the Nemesis]

Knock Out: Scrap.

[Orion and Nightfall hear something]

Arcee: Where are Optimus and Twilight?

[Vehicon doesn't answer]

Rainbow Dash: Answer us!

[Vehicons appear and fire at them]

[Soundwave shows Megatron Arcee and Rainbow Dash on the Nemesis]

Megatron: What!

Airachnid: Arcee and Rainbow Dash. Allow me to welcome them aboard.

Megatron: No. If Orion and Nightfall so much as lay eyes on another Autobot and Pony let alone be allowed to witness its destruction, everything they currently believe will be called into question. See to it that Arcee and Rainbow Dash are escorted off this ship immediately!

[Soundwave nods]

[Orion and Nightfall see Vehicons firing at something]

Vehicon: Orion and Nightfall please return to your station. Lord Megatron's orders.

[Orion and Nightfall decide to investigate]

[Soundwave comes to a stop where Arcee and Rainbow Dash are coming, unaware Orion and Nightfall are coming down the hall behind him. Soundwave bridges Arcee and Rainbow Dash to the arctic just as Orion and Nightfall come up behind him.]

Orion Pax: We heard a commotion.

Nightfall Twinkle: Yep.

[Soundwave turns and sees Orion and Nightfall behind him and leaves]

[Arcee and Rainbow Dash arrive in the arctic]

Arcee: No!

Rainbow Dash: We're in the arctic.

[Bulkhead smashes Ratchet's tool in anger]

Ratchet: Bulkhead!

Bulkhead: What? You needed that? The only thing I need is our head honchoes back!

Applejack: Easy there, big guy.

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