Here is how Arcee arrives and stands down and Nighlock retakes the untamable king goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(we then see Toad running through the warehouse district and enter the hotdog warehouse)

Toad:(takes off the hotdog outfit and hides)

(the Indominus Rex then bursts in, and starts to tear the suit to shreds)

(an engine is heard and Arcee in her motorcycle mode appears)

Arcee:(transforms and points her guns at her)

Indominus Rex(becomes defensive): Grrrrrrrr.

Arcee:(sees Toad making hand gestures)

Toad: Stand down. Trust me, yo, this guy always know what he's doing.

Arcee:(does so)

(We then see Nighlock peering around a corner)

Nighlock(whispering): Nigh, wait here, I've got this.

Nighlock Armour: Yes sir.(removes himself)

Nighlock:(walks away from his hiding spot and into the Indominus Rex's view)

Indominus Rex(sees him): Grrrah.(charges at him)

Nighlock:(stands there calmly)

(at the last minute, he holds up a gentle hand making her stop in confusion)

Nighlock(looks at her): I leave my fate in your hands old friend.(looks away)

(the Indominus Rex thinks for a moment, and her memories of him come back. The psychic bond is restored)

Indominus Rex:(green eyes turn off and go back to normal. She then puts her snout in his hand, and closes her eyes)

Nighlock: It's good to see the real you again.

Indominus Rex:(licks him)(nuzzles him)(hugs him goodbye)

Nighlock(to himself): There goes an interesting albino.

Indominus Rex:(hears him and slaps him in the face with her tail)

Nighlock: I'll never drop that. You know that.

Indominus Rex:(makes a sound as if to say "I know")

Nighlock: Goodbye old friend. And good luck on your journey.

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