This is how Arcee vs. Airachnid goes in Predatory.

Rainbow Dash: I don't believe you. I can see it in your eyes. You're afraid, Arcee, and you're never afraid.

[Arcee has a flashback]

Airachnid: You know, for an Autobot, your resiliance is quite impressive. In fact, I'm guessing that no matter what I do to you, you'll never crack. Am I right?

[Arcee glares at Airachnid]

Airachnid: That's what I thought.

[Vehicons bring in Tailgate]

Arcee: Tailgate.

[Airachnid approaches]

Arcee: What have you done to him?

Airachnid: Not much. Yet. Just tell me what I wanna know or...Well you're a smart Bot. I think you can imagine what happens to Tailgate next.

Arcee: I don't know the attack coordinates.

[Airachnid hisses]

Arcee: I swear upon the Allspark, it's the truth.

Airachnid: We shall see.

[Airachnid approaches Tailgate]

Arcee: No. Please.


Arcee: Tailgate!


Arcee: You're right, Rainbow Dash, I am afraid. Of losing you.

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