Ari is a pink helicopter and Budgie the Little Helicopter's love interest.


She has pink striped ropes with hot pink suction cups on the end, which she uses to lift heavy objects. She can even change into a robot when she shouts 'Transformation Power!'. Her special skills are running, jumping, climbing and dodging objects that bad guys throw at her. She even owns a Desert Eagle pistol. During the Wings Around The Planet Air Race, she is nicknamed the "Pink Love Heart". She is best friends with Hogi, Toni, and Jerome.

Friendship with Ten Cents

Ari met Ten Cents when she was at Super Wing School, a school for young planes who wanted to become Super Wings. After she graduated and earned her place in the Super Wings, Ari and Ten Cents had to say goodbye to each other. But they reunited when Ari was sent to help the Autobots and our heroes destroy Starscream's rebel team.

Rivalry with Rosie

When Rosie and Ari first met, they became jealous towards each other. Ari had a crush on Thomas as well as Rosie but Budgie purposed to her by taking her on a date. The date went so well that Ari completely forgot about her and Rosie's rivalry. But they soon became friends when Ari saved Rosie from a landslide. Ari later came to Budgie's rescue when he got captured by Sentinel Prime. After Budgie's rescue and Sentinel's defeat, Optimus Prime granted her a position in the Autobot ranks. She was later crowned Princess of Kindness by Princess Celestia. Ari and Rosie were friends for all eternity and Ari's new home is in Equesodor with the engines of Sodor and ponies of Equestria.



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