This is how Aria hypnotizes DJ Pon-3 goes in The Siren Call.

[DJ Pon-3 meets Aria in the hall]

Aria Blaze: I just wanna sing a little song for you.

[DJ Pon-3 nods]

Aria Blaze: It only takes a minute.

[DJ Pon-3 nods]

Aria Blaze: You don't have to be afraid.

[Aria vocalizes]

[The spell begins to take hold and DJ Pon-3's eyes turn green]

Aria Blaze: Follow me.

[Aria leads DJ Pon-3 away]

[She brings her to a room]

Aria Blaze: Ready to step?

DJ Pon-3: [nods]

Aria Blaze: Reach the top?

DJ Pon-3: [nods]

[Aria and DJ Pon-3 go on stage]

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