Here's how Arlo losses hope finding his father in Snowdrop's Dino Movie.

[Snowdrop, her dragons, and Arlo continue searching for his father]

Snowdrop: Mr. Apatosaurus?

[Then, Arlo stops and plays on his legs]

Snowdrop: Arlo?

Arlo: [sniffs and tears up] We're not gonna find him.

Snowdrop: What are you saying?

Arlo: He's gone. [cries]

Snowdrop: Arlo, don't worry, we'll find your father.

Arlo: [sniffs] Really?

Snowdrop: Cheer up. I know we can find your father. When, I sit alone crying. My mother: Primrose usually comes to me and calms me and down and sings a lulaby she made up.

Arlo: How did it go?

Snowdrop: Okay. Usually....

[flashback plays]

Primrose: [is on her chair, with Snowdrop crying on her chest while she has her wings around her] Sometimes nightmares just happen Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: I know. But this one is worst! [burries her face into her chest and muffled cries]

Primrose: [stroking her mane] Shhhhhh. Shhhh... Don't cry, sweetie. It's okay, Mommy's here. Mommy's got you. [starts singing] Little filly, bright and brave. Feel the morning warmth upon your face, Celestia brings a new day. [Snowdrop calmly stops and beings falling asleep] Keep your head up. Chase your doubts away. Snowdrop. Filly of frozen tears. Can’t you see the world has so much cheer? For you. My little one.

Snowdrop: [quietly snoring]

Primrose: [tucks her in, and puts Mr. Panda aside her] Sleep well, my filly. [kisses her forehead and leaves]

[Flashback ends]

Arlo: Okay. 

[They set off, but the T-Rex sees them and follows them]

[soon enough, they are heading to traps]

Arlo: Hey what's this?

Snowdrop: I don't know.

Frostlord: [sniffs one of them and then he picks up a rock and drops it on a trigger plate]

[The axe swings!]

Eaglesight: [pulls Snowdrop out of the way as Arlo ducks]

Snowdrop: What was that?!

Arlo: An axe!

Vinny: Brian, look! There it is! And it's got Snowdrop, Frostlord, and Eaglesight!

Brian; Now we've got him! Charge!!!!

[they hop out of the bush and race towards them]

Astrid: [has her ax ready to strike] GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Arlo starts running then was soon chased by the Nightfuries]

Arlo: Oh, crap!

[Then Brian fells into his own trap!]


[Then Hiccup gets caught into one of the other traps] Whoa!

Yuna: Go away! Go aw... [she steps on a trigger plate and then she's caught in a net] Whoa!

Snowdrop: Arlo! [runs after him] Arlo!

[Then we see Primrose looking for her]

Primrose: Snowdrop?! [she then sees her running after Arlo and the Human Mane 5 follow]

Snowdrop: Arlo! Arlo, where are you?!

[Eaglesight then tugs her tail]

[we see Arlo in a cage]

Snowdrop: Arlo?

Arlo: Snopwdrop, why were you friends trying to get me? I didn't do anything wrong!

Snowdrop: I'm busting you out of here! Eaglesight, give me a hand with this.

[Eaglesight then helps Snowdrop to the top of the cage, and then Primrose and the girls come in and watch everything]

[Snowdrop: [grabs the rope and then begins to undo it as Eaglesight helps her]

[the rope then releases and the cage falls apart]

Arlo: You did it! 

Primrose: [smiles]

[Then gun fire]

Brian: [does indian war call]

Hiccup" We've got it for real now!

[they come racing in, and then they start throwing roipes and chains over Arlo]

Snowdrop: NO! STOP!!!

Yuna: Snowdrop, get out of the way!

Snowdrop: NO!!

[then Frostlord jumps in and roars at them as he stands in front of Arlo]

Primrose: PRINCESS LUNA!!!

Princess Luna: Primrose?

Primrose: What is going on? This is her friend!

Princess Luna: What?

Snowdrop: Please, don't hurt him! He's friend. Arlo's not dangeropus!

Brian: Get out of the way, or I'll blast you with him! [takes out his AMT Hardballier]

Human Rarity: NOO!!!

Brian: [cocks his pistol and points the laser at Arlo's head]

Primrose: [steps in front of her] Stay away from my daughter!

Brian: Listen ma'm, just move your daughter out of the way. Move asside! This dinosaur dosen't derseve to live!

Human Rainbow: [shoots Brian's pistol out of his grip with one of Desert Eagles]

Brian; AHH!!

Snowdrop: Thank you!

Human Rainbow: [ruffles her mane] Anytime, squirt.

Human Fluttershy: What's going on?

Brian: Guys, this Apatosaur...

Human Rainbow: She wasn't asking you!

Snowdrop: Brian. Believe me, he's friendly, he's the kindest, sweetest friend I ever had, he hadn't made fun of my blindness.

Yuna: [lets go of her rope] He hasn't?

Frostlord: [growls]

Bkythe: He said, "Arlo didn't attack Snowdrop or him, or Eaglesight." And I befriended a T-Rex and Velociraptors, so I can trust him. [lets go of her rope]

[Everyone lets go of their ropes]

Brian: Bu.. Bu.. [sighs] [and does the same.]

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