Here's how Princess Celestia's arrival on Dagobath goes in Ernie the Dragon Hunter.

[We see a ship coming to Dagobath and Celestia steps out and lights her horn and walks in a cave]

???: Celestia?

Princess Celestia: [gasps] [turns around to see Yoda] [sighs] Master Yoda, it’s you.

[“Qui-Gon goes before Yoda” plays]

Yoda: Why’d you come here? Not a good place to meet, this is. Full of hatred from the Dark Side.

Princess Celestia: I know.

Yoda: [sighs]

[They walk out the cave]

Yoda: Something troubles you, something made you come here.

Princess Celestia: Yes. You see, my friend Brian Griffin’s enemy is coming. And he has an army with him, his own Pokemon, six human girls, and a gang of his own. And we need your help.

Yoda: [sighs] I cannot go to planet, Earth. Your father, King Solar Flare. Doesn’t trust me.

Princess Celestia: But he’s a Sith.

Yoda: Ah? Impossible that is, Sith have been extinct since the Clone Wars, sine the Empire. Since, Lord Vader turned.

Princess Celestia: [sighs] Yes, I know. But we need you. You know when my mother died, you where there for me and Luna. You where the voice of reason for our family. And I’m asking you, to help us now.

Yoda: Hmmmmm. I’ll come.

Princess Celestia: Really?

Yoda: Yes, but we need more help. From the Ents.

[Walking trees walk up]

Yoda: Treebeard, Princess Celestia. Princess Celestia, Treebeard.

Princess Celestia: Hello.

Treebard: What brings you here?

Yoda: Equestria in danger. Of a Sith.

Treebeard: Sith? Oh, they disgust me with those red glowing swords. And those lipless skeletons with those terrible flashlight blasters! We will fight.

Princess Celestia: Then, we must begin at once!

Treebeard: [opens a space bridge] This way your highness.

[They all walked into the space bridge to Equestria].

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