Here's how arrival at Equestria and talking to the Royals go in The Day the Griffin's Came Part 1.

[We see the engines down at the harbor]

Salty: Ahoy, me harties!

Thomas: Hello, Salty.

Salty: How are things doing today?

Thomas: Everything's just fine.

Cranky: [looks out] Hey, look!

[We see the ships and Brian steps off]

Thomas: Can I help you?

Brian: Yes, can you take us to Canterlot?

Thomas: Sure I can.

[we then see Thomas arriving at Canterlot]

Brian and the others: [step out]

[In Canterlot castle]

Canterlot guard: Your highness, some one want's to meet you.

Princess Celestia: Bring him in.

[the guards then escort Brian and others in]

Princess Luna: Who are we in the presence of?

Brian: I am Brian Griffin. We are from Quahog.

Cadance: Impossible, Quahog is ruin for a millenium.

Brian: It is a ruin for a millenium. But me, and my family, and a few others are the only survivors. Since, that dragon came down and nearly destroyed us all.

Princess Celestia: And what dragon was this?

Brian: Smaug, the Fire Drake from the North.


Brian: [narrating] He came down and set the city and the neighborhood and blaze destroying nuclear plants. And he made the place habital for dragons.

[Flashback ends]

Brian: But before that day, we had a greatest challenge.

Princess Luna: What was that?

Brian: Our enemy, Ernie: the giant Chicken.


Brian: [narrating] He had an army of Orcs and Centaurs and planned to take over Quahog. But he had 6 other humans by his side including his own Pokemon, and a gang. He started it all by beheading my father.

Ernie: Yes!

Brian: [as Simba] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Brian: [narrating] I stood up to my father. And lead a resistence to fight against dragons. But I was almost defeated when I slashed his legs.


Human Pinkie: OH, NO!!!!

Sideshow Bob: Get him out of here! [to the commander] Finish them off! 

Commander: Yes sir!

Brian: Charge!

[They do so]

Brian: [narrating] We few survived, our enemy was defeated.

[Flashback ends]

Royal Guard: [notices something on Brian] What's this? [takes out an Orcrist sword]

Princess Celestia: An Orcrist sword!

Sharon: Where did you get it?

Brian: It was given as a preasent from the Elves of Mirkwood. It's what I use against many of the dragons. Can you help us, rebuild our home. So, we shall have peace once more?

Princess Celestia: Well, I'm not so sure about it, but...

Brian: But what? Afraid of dragons?! You're hiding something and I know it. [leaves the throne room]

[Outside, Brian and his team then go while Elsa sees Vinny]

Elsa: Hello. Who are you?

Vinny: [amazed by her] I-I-I-I am, Vinny!

Elsa: [chuckles] I'm Elsa, are you from Quahog? That's what I heard.

Vinny: Uh, yeah! Yeah.

Elsa; I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your home. It must've of been terrible to have been attacked by that dragon.

Vinny: Thanks.

[Then her Glaceon comes out of her PokeBall automaticaly walks to him]

Elsa: This is my Glaceon.

Vinny: Hey, there.

Glaceon: Glacy.

Elsa: She likes you.

Vinny: I can tell. 

Elsa: Hey watch this, drink and spit out water.

Vinny: Alright. [takes a glass of water spits it out as Elsa freezes it]

Elsa: [she then catches it]

Vinny: Oh, my God! You have cryonetic powers?!

Elsa: Since I was a little girl.

Vinny: What happened? How did you get them?

Elsa: Well, there was a terrible wizard called: "Zeebad" and he gave me these powers eversince.

Vinny: Wow.

Elsa: Yes, and that's how I got Glaceon.

Brian: Vinny! Come on.

Vinny: Gotta go, see ya. [runs off]

Elsa: Bye.

Brian: Who were you talking to?

Vinny: Her name's Elsa.

Anna: [walks up] Why were you talking to him?

Elsa: Well, he is quite handsome for a dog.

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