This is how arrival at the X-Plode, B-Omber, Rotor and Blades battle field goes in Ryan's and Crash's Hero Factory Adventure.

[Ryan, Thomas, Crash and their friends arrive at the battlefield]

Sci-Ryan: Ok. Ryan. How did I get this armor? I feel like a Cyberman.

Sci-Twi: [scans him] Your biology must have fused with this world's biology.

Sci-Ryan: Really, Twilight? Does anybody got a mirror?

[Human Fluttershy holds up a mirror]

Sci-Ryan: Thanks, Fluttershy.

[Sci-Ryan looks at himself in the mirror and gasps]

Crash Bandicoot: What's wrong, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: I have Hero Factory Hero armor.

Crash Bandicoot: How is that possible? Is there a flashback about this?

Sci-Ryan: No. But my biology fused with this world's biology, that's how.

Ryan F-Freeman: What about me? How did I get this armor?

[Sci-Ryan holds up a sign that says "World Biology Fusion, that's how."]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow! Where did we get these glowing things in our chests?

Thomas: They're Hero Cores. They have your life source, Quazhar.

Matau T. Monkey: Life source? Well talk about Tony Stark. How did these Hero Cores got on us?

Sci-Twi: World Biology Fusion, duh.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): You're right, Twilight. At least we got some weapons and I can offer Princess Ivy some great ways to use them.

[Sci-Twi nods and Princess Ivy shows up with the weapons and her Hero Factory Hero armor]

Twilight Sparkle: Wow.

Ryan F-Freeman: Looks like your hero armor is cooler then mine, Ivy. Where did you get it?

Princess Ivy: Must've fused with this world's biology.

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool. You and I are best friends better then Aldous Witch.

Matau T. Monkey: Aldous Witch?

Thomas: You know, the guy who attacked Rocka?

Crash Bandicoot: Oh. I hope we can fight... I don't know what this witch doctor will do with this Quazhar. Ya know? I'll call that guy: Witch Doctor.

[Ryan nods and saw Stormer fighting X-Plode]

Sci-Ryan: I'll handle him. [charges at X-Plode, screaming and hits him on the head]

X-Plode: Ow! What the? [looks at Sci-Ryan] Who are you?

Sci-Ryan: Your worst nightmare. My name is... [pauses] Wait! Hold on! [to Ryan] Ryan, what's my Hero Factory Hero name?

Ryan F-Freeman: [scans Sci-Ryan] Your hero name is Ryan Stingblast.

Sci-Ryan: Right.[to X-Plode] Call me Stingblast!

[X-Plode fires his spikes at Sci-Ryan but he uses a shield to deflect them. B-Omber sees this]

Sci-Ryan: Good move. It's my turn now. [uses his magic to transform himself in Rothbart's form called the Great Animal]

B-Omber: [sees Twilight in her Hero Factory Hero armor] Prepare to get bombed.

[Sci-Ryan grabs B-Omber by the teeth and throws her to the ground]

B-Omber: [gets up and grabs Sci-Ryan's arms] Nice move. Now it's my turn. [starts smashing him to the ground repeatly in front then behind]

Sci-Ryan: OW! [roars]

Ryan F-Freeman: Get over here![throws a boomerang at B-Omber]

[She dodges it]

Sci-Ryan: Grr![grabs B-Omber and throws her to a wall]

Crash Bandicoot: How did Sci-Ryan turn into the Great Animal?

Thomas: He's used his magic, Crash Bandicoot Brainer.

Crash Bandicoot: Sci-Ryan? How did you look as the Great Animal?

Thomas: I already answered that.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Sci-Ryan. I'll jump on your back.

Sci-Ryan: Good idea. [pauses] Why?

Ryan F-Freeman: I saw that part in Wander Over Yonder once.

[Sci-Ryan nods and Ryan jumps on Sci-Ryan's back]

Ryan F-Freeman: B-Omber! Prepare to meet the Great Animal. EXTERMINATE!

Preston Stormer: X-Plode and B-Omber are here. Which means Rotor and his girlfriend Blades can't be far behind.

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't worry, Stormer. We'll handle them.[to Sci-Ryan] Fly, buddy. Fly!

[Sci-Ryan spreads his wings and fly into the sky but gets hit when a boulder gets thrown at him]

Sci-Ryan: Who throw a rock at the Great Animal?

[Rotor and Blades show up]

Rotor: Looking for us?

Blades (Hero Factory):[screams] Wh.. what is that?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Its the Great Animal! Be very, very afraid!

Matau T. Monkey: What's the matter, Blades? Chicken?[clucks like a chicken]

[Blades growls and Crash laughs]

Rotor: You better not make her angry. You won't like it when my girlfriend here is angry.

Sci-Ryan: Why not? I'll take your girlfriend on like I did to a Dalek![roars at Blades (Hero Factory)]

[Blades tackles him]

Sci-Ryan: GRRR!!![crushes Blades' weapon with his teeth]

[Blades gasps and Sci-Ryan throws her at Rotor]

Rotor: [dodges her] Hey! Watch it.

Matau T. Monkey: Looks like Sci-Ryan's Great Animal form looks like Rothbart's but has a head of a pig and a muzzle of a wolf.

[Thomas nods]

Sci-Ryan: Your turn, Rotor.[roars at Rotor]

[Rotor screams and flies to hide]

Stormer: You're not going anywhere! [shoots Rotor down]

X-Plode: [gets on his bike with B-Omber and a fainted Blades] Sorry, Rotor. But its every bot for him and herself.

Sci-Ryan:[grabs a fainted Blades and puts her in a cage] Nope. Just himself, X-Plode.[roars]

[X-Plode latches a rope onto the cage and takes off, dragging it with him]

Stormer: Come on down, Furno.

Furno: Ok, Stormer. What is that thing?

[Sci-Ryan looks at Furno and lands on the ground]

Ryan F-Freeman: [gets off him] Okay, you can change back now.

Sci-Ryan: Ok.[does so]

[Furno picks up Blades' weapon and Sci-Ryan looks at Furno and Blades weapon]

Furno: That weapon belongs to Blades. But Rotor is in safe hands.

Evil Ryan: I think this weapon will do nicely, Furno. [grabs Blades' weapon] This world's training has awarded me many trophies.

[Furno nods]

Bertram T. Monkey: Evil Ryan. I hope this will do well. What's the rest of me, you and Evil Anna look like?

[Discord appears with a mirror]

Thomas: Oh look. Discord is here.

[The Cyberlings gasp and saw their bodies in the mirror]

Evil Anna: At least Evil Ryan still has Grievous' arms.

Evil Ryan: Wow! Look at this armor.

Bertram T. Monkey: That's cool! Let me say something.[mimics a Cyberman's voice] You belong to us. You shall become like us.

Furno: [laughs with Stormer] That's a good one.

Evil Anna:[laughs] Yes it is, Furno. Von Nexus would've seen me.

Stormer: Hold on. Von Nexus?

Evil Ryan: Well. I thought the name "Von Ness" is fine, but does your girlfriend is friends with Von Nexus, Stormer?

Stormer: She was Von Nexus' friend until one day something bad happened.

[A flashback]

Evil Ryan: Ooh. A story, Thomas.

Thomas: Sssh.

Stormer: It was a long time ago before my mission to take down the drone with Von Ness. My girlfriend, Odette Stormwell, was on a mission to a city near her home town of Glaticus with her team leader CyberStar and her friend, Von Nexus.

[CyberStar, Stormwell and Von Nexus climb out of a ship]

CyberStar: Be careful, girls. We're up for a mission and get ready to attack who's trying to steal a gem here.

Stormwell: Ok. [to Von Nexus] Get your weapon out, friend.

[Von Nexus does so]

Stormwell: You ready?

Von Nexus: Yes.

Stormwell: Let's do this.

[The trio


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