Here's how Brian arrives on Tatooine and finding General Skull in Revenge of the Giant Chicken.

[we sideswipe back in space where we see Brian's Starfighter come out of hyperspace, as he detatches from the Hypersapce ring and flies into Tatooine. Where he flies at Jabba the Hutt's palace, and he goes inside. But a Probe droid watches him]

[We see people dancing and music playing]

Twi-leck: Master. This is Jedi Master Brian Griffin.

Rota the hutt: Oh! Greetings, Master Jedi.

Protocal droid: The mighty Rota the Hutt welcomes you.

Brian: Greetings, Rotta the Hutt.

Rotta the Hutt: Why are you here?

Protocal droid: The mighty Rotta asks why you are here?

Brian: Unfortenantly, the war has brought me here.

Rotta the Hutt: But why?

Protocal Droid: The Mighty Rotta, asks why is it with you?

Brian: Because, I want my ship to refuel. And to search for General Skull.

[Everyone gasps in horror. And one of Rotta's pets hide]

Rotta the hutt: Refuel his ship!

[2 Gamorian guards do so]

Rotta the Hutt: He is here. The planet is under his control.

Protocal droid: General Skull is on Tatooine. And everyone is his slave.

Brian: I see. Do you know where he's hiding?

Rotta the Hutt: In the desert, close by to the Boonta Eve track. With a core ship as a base, and has thousands of battle droids!

Protocal droid: He is in the desert, close by to the Boonta Eve track. With a core ship as a base, and has thousands of battle droids.

Brian: Thanks a bunch. [he leaves]

[he then walks out of the palace to his Starfighter]

Brian: R4, take the Fighter back to the ship. And tell Commander Billy I've made contact.

R4: [beeps]

[The ship takes off. And Brian heads towards Mos Esa]

[the probe droid then flies off back to the droid army]

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