This is how arrival on the moon goes in Thomas' Battle of the Lunar League.

[Thomas races excitedly into the Autobot Base]

Thomas: Bust my buffers! I can't believe it!

Sci-Ryan: What is he happy about, Ex-Terminator?

[The Dalek shrugs and Thomas, caught up in his excited, knocks Sideswipe over]

Sci-Ryan: Ouch. That hurt.

[Optimus laughs]

Ryan F-Freeman: Sideswipe. Are you ok?

Sideswipe: Yeah. I'm fine.

Bumblebee: Why are you in such a rush Thomas?

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't worry, Sideswipe. I'm a doctor like Ratchet. What part of you is damaged?

[Sideswipe points to his arm]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. [grabs Sideswipe's arm] I got just the song to heal this.

Sideswipe: Which one? I don't know.

Ryan F-Freeman: Just be quiet and you'll find out.

Dear Magic of friendship~

Let your magic glow~

May you bond us together~

Wherever we may go~

[Ryan's hands glow blue as he keeps singing]

Heal that has been hurt~

Help us to get things back to where they belong~

Bring back what once was gone~

What once was gone~

[Sideswipe's arm heals and he's astonished]

Thomas: Wow! How did you get that healing powers, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Absorbed some of Rapunzel's abilities. Also, what's gotten you so excited, Thomas?

Ex-Terminator: Yeah. Tell us.

Thomas: Ok. [excitedly] The Lunar League is happening on the moon and the Galaxy All Stars and the Thunderbolts are going to be there!

Ryan F-Freeman: Great Scott! [to Cody] Bro? Why you want to kiss Odette?

[Cody shrugs]

Thomas: I've longed to be in the Lunar League for such a long time.

Evil Ryan: Lunar League? Wow. Cody must have think that Odette is his girlfriend. A smitten kitten for some reason.

Thomas: Ahem. [gestures to Sunset]

Evil Ryan: Sorry, Sunset. Your friend did tried to kiss Odette.

[Cody blushes]

Thomas: Come on! Let's get up there already!

Ryan F-Freeman: I got an idea! [in royal Canterlot voice] WE COULD GO TO THE MOON BY USING A ROCKET!!!

Thomas: Uh, Ryan, we do have a Groundbridge.

Ryan F-Freeman: I knew that. Where's Rianna? And Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: I'm right here, Ryan. Rianna did love that gem pendant you showed her.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ratchet, open the Groundbridge to the moon.

Ratchet: Gotcha. [does so]

Rigby (EG): Ryan. You think you can have my sister as your partner?

[Ryan nods]

Thomas: Sari, what team are you going to pick?

Sci-Ryan: I got Evil Anna. Where is Rianna?

Sari Sumdac: She is with Fixit practicing her singing, also I'm going to pick the Thunderbolts.

Sci-Ryan: Thunderbolts? Oh man. I knew I was under Rianna's spell.

Sari Sumdac: Look, Sci-Ryan, the Thunderbolts are a team of battle bots.

Ryan F-Freeman: Odette. You think Rianna will be Prince Derek's partner?

[Odette nods then Sci-Ryan hears Rianna's singing]

Thomas (EG): What is that singing?

[Sci-Ryan falls under Rianna's spell and goes to her]

Timothy (Non-ghost engine version): Sci-Ryan? He adores a seamare.

[Sci-Ryan feels Rianna in her seamare form]

Sci-Ryan: I adore you, Rianna. I will be your partner with Derek.[kisses Rianna]

[Evil Anna gasps and Rianna kissed Sci-Ryan]

Thomas: Sci-Ryan? Are you ok?

[Sci-Ryan nods with his eyes glowing light blue and a pink mist comes out of him]

Evil Anna: I'll be your partner with Rianna, Sci-Ryan.[kisses Sci-Ryan on the cheek]

[Rianna sings like a mermaid and absorbs the pink mist into the blue gem on her forehead]

Sci-Ryan: Whoa! I didn't know she could do that.

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