They have arrived in Hollow Bastion again and they saw Naruto

Ace: Where's Sakura?

Naruto: Still in the Castle.

Wile: Against her Will?

Naruto: No. She said she want to stay in the Castle for some reason. The other princess are inside too.

Daffy: I wonder why?

Ace: Let's go see them.

Naruto: If you want to go. I'll help you with my ninja strength.

They went inside castle and they found Sakura

Naruto: Sakura. You're okay.

Sakura: And you though that I was a Heartless.

Naruto: Nope. You're not.

Sakura: You've come to get the Symbol, Right? Please, be careful. The Darkness is raging deep inside. We've been holding it back, but we can hold out much longer.

Ace: We'll take care of it.

They went to see the Other Princesses

Kimiko: Ace, you have to hurry! Darkness is pouring out of the Symbol.

Coco: It's all we can do just to hold back the darkness.

Morgana: I don't know how long we can manage even that.

Ace: Don't worry, I'll do what I can.

Morgana: We're counting on you, Animal Warrior. In the Meantime, we'll do what we can, too.

Sandy: Howdy, we've been waiting for you, Animal Warrior.

Ace: Where's Mephiles?

Sandy: He's gone.

Callie: When the Symbol appeared, darkness poured out of it. It swallowed Mephiles and he disappeared.

Sandy: Though the Hedgehog is gone, the flood of darkness hasn't stopped. We're working together to hold it back.

Callie: I cannot forget the look on his face.

They went to the Heartless Symbol and they are Fighting a Giant Heartless and They defeated it

Wile: Alright! Now let's get that Symbol from the Darkness.

Garuru: Ace. You did it.

They went back and it was Garuru and his friends

Ace: Guys? What are you doing here?

Taruru: We came from the Galaxy Train.

Garuru: This is our friends Childhood home. We wanted to see it again.

Tororo: Thanks to Black Doom. This place is in worst shape than I feared. My friend told me it was so peaceful...

Garuru: Don't worry. If we defeat Mephiles all should be restored. Including your city, Planet Blanc and Planet Freleng.

Ace: Really?

He nod it means Yes

Tororo: But, it also means goodbye.

Ben: Once the world's are restored, they'll all be separate again.

Paruru: Everything will go back to where they came from.

Ace: Don't worry, I'll use the Portal to see you guys again. Beside me and my team are Guardians of the Universe.

Garuru: I know you are. But it's not that Simple.

Paruru: You may go see many Galaxy and Universe. But you didn't know about the other worlds, right?

Garuru: Because every world was isolated. The passable walls divided them.

Garuru: The Heartless destroyed those Walls. But if the woods return, so will the walls.

Tororo: Which means the Portals will be useless including the Galaxy Train.

Ace: Wait. Are you saying we're never...

They look down

Ace: Zedavia was right. I never see any planets.

Garuru: If we never meet again. But we will never forget each other.

Paruru: No matter where we are, our hearts will bring us together again.

Tororo: Besides, I couldn't forget you even if I wanted to.

Ace: What's that supposed to mean?

Daffy: Ace! Look!

He saw the Heartless Symbol and the Darkness is coming out

Wile: Hurry! You have to get that Symbol!

Garuru: Ace. Good luck.

He went to get the Symbol and he got it

1 Hour Later

Coco: Thank you, Ace. I think the darkness has begun to weaken.

Kimiko: But I can feel a powerful darkness growing somewhere far away.

Callie: It's the Heart of the Darkness. It must be be where Mephiles went.

Ace: Then we'll take the Galaxy Train and deal with both Mephiles and the Heartless.

Sandy: Great Answer, Animal Warrior. We offer this power to aid your battle.

They gave him a Magic Spell, Fire, Blizzard, Thunders, Aero, Cure, Gravity and Stop

Morgana: Ace, your courage can bring back our worlds.

Callie: Once the Darkness is gone, all should return to it's origin state.

Ace: Lexi will be back in Acmetropolis?

Sandy: Of course. And you should be too.

Ace: I can't go home 'til I find my teams and my Ancestor.

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