Cherubimon is talking to the Vampire


They made it to Yen Sid's Tower and they saw Fuyunyan with a Sword

Fuyunyan: Alakazam!

He turn into a Shooting Star and left

Agunimon: Who was he?

Loweemon: I don't know.

Lobomon: I think this is where Yen Sid lived.

They went to the tower and meet Yen Sid

Lobomon: Master Yen Sid. Our name is Lobomon, Agunimon and Loweemon.

Yen Sid: Yes. My Digimon friend, Seraphimon. Told me all about you. It is the Unversed.

Loweemon: Of course, Master Yen Sid. I thought is the best to see the counsel of the one who's was wiser like me and Lobomon.

Yen Sid: I am not a Master with Erapus. I doffed that mantle.

Agunimon:: But sir, wasn't that your pupil we passed on the way in? He is not a Digimon...

Yen Sid: You refer to Fuyunyan. He, too, sought guidance here. As a Yokai he is brave and kind to Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. But the way he fights has not cured him in impetuousness. He has left with an object whose power he does not understand like Mickey. Who not know how to control. Fuyunyan imagines my 2nd Star Shard will be of help in his current quest. And, like you, he is eager to use his sword to set things right.

Agunimon: I'm not so sure what's wrong... The Leader of the Unversed is here somewhere from other worlds. And for that I've learned there's are three Persons who was a Commander of the "Unversed" on the loose.

Yen Sid: To arrived at the truth perhaps you should approach things differently- first consider them one and the same problem.

Agunimon: The Leader of the Unversed is connect somehow?

Ye Sod: I must not make assumptions... Find the Cherubimon, boys. That is where you should begin.

Loweemon: Yes, sir.

They left 

Yen Sid: I had hoped. Cherubimon, your heart would no longer else you astray.

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