Keizo and Rory are waiting for Fuyunyan

Rory: Fuyunyan must be pretty far away by now...

Keizo: Just like Mickey.

Then a Shooting Star has landed here and it startled Rory and Keizo

Both: Fuyunyan?

And then it was Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon

Rory: No. Not him.... Wait a Minute.

Keizo: That's the Red Star Shard that my friend had.

Kumamon: You're friend? Oh right, you must be talking about Fuyunyan.

Kotemon: We just saw him.

They are taking them to the tower

Kumamon: Hey, what are you doing?

Roru: Are we happy to see you.

They went to see Yen Sid

Keizo: Yen Sid! We got a clue to where Fuyunyan went.

Yen Sid. Hmm... Ah, Kumamon, Kotemon, Bearmon.

Bearmon: How did you know us?

Yen Sid: Seraphimon and Ophanimon has told me all about you, too. If I am not mistaken, you were ordered to go back home

Kotemon: Well, mister, we...

Yen Sid: No matter. Fuyunyan has difficulty following directions, too.

Kotemon: Yes.

Yen Sid: Where is the clue to Fuyunyan's whereabout?

Keizo: Right here. It's the Red Star Shard.

He show to him

Rory: You see, Kumamon, Bearmon and Cendomon... um.. candymon... candlemon..

Keizo: He's name is Kotemon.

Kotemon: Remember it from your head.

Keizo: He, Bearmon and Kotemon had it when they made it here.

Yen Sid: Please, explain.

Kotemon: You see. We ran into Fuyunyan. But we got send flying into the light- we don't know where he is.

That make Keizo and Rory look down

Kumamon: He wasn't in the same world as the one where we found that.

Yen Sid: As I thought... Fuyunyan has been hurling himself from one world to the next. Like Mickey. That explain why I could not discern his location.

Keizo: Do you think you can find?

Yen Sid: Yes.

He show it to them, and they saw Fuyunyan Unconscious in a Dessert

All: Fuyunyan!

Then the magic stop

Keizo: What's going on?! Where is he?

Yen Sid: There is a dark and powerful force that is interfering with my Magic.

Wile: Just tell us where Fuyunyan is. Yen Sid...we need to find him and get him back.

Yen Sid: You two? That may not be adequate.

Keizo: But I'm Fuyunyan friend.

Rory: And so am I!

Kumamon: Me, Kotemon and Bearmon will find him. We know that place we saw.

Keizo: Then let's go together.

Kotemon: No, you can't. Fuyunyan save us once. And we can't risk putting his friends in danger.

They look disappointed

Bearmon: Don't be sad. Me and my best friends we'll bring him back safe.

Yen Sid: Very well, Bearmon. We will leave it to you, Kotemon and Bearmon.

They left to find Fuyunyan

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