Nova and Otto are riding their Glider and they saw Bugs drifting in the Lanes Between

Otto: Was that... Bugs?

They carried him

Nova: What happen to you?

Bugs: Take me to... Master Yen Sid.

Otto: Don't worry. We'll take you there.

They went off to Yen Sid's Tower and they made it. They put Bugs on the Floor

Daffy: Bugs!?

Wile: Bugs!?

Taz: Bugs!?

Yen Sid: Nova.... Otto... The Star has bring me grave news. Chiro and Jinmay's stars has been blinked out. I'm am afraid that means they have been struck down.

They look shock

Otto: Chiro... Jinmay... They have been Struck down? No!!!!!! (Crying) Chiro! Jinmay! (Crying)

Nova: Chiro? Jinmay? Who... Who did this to them?

Yen Sid: Skeleton King. And... Antuari.

They look so Shock and they look Angry

Both: No!

It's scared Daffy, Wile and Taz out

Otto: That's Crazy! Antuari would never do that to them!

Yen Sid: I hope with all my heart that you are right about your team. There are some things even the stars cannot tell me.

Otto: Where is he? Where did Antuari go?

Yen Sid: Antuari's heart is leading him to the Ancient Warrior Graveyard. Where wielder of those weapons once waged war.

Nova: Okay, we'll go there. And find out if it's true.

Yen Sid: Be on you're guard.

Otto: We will.

They left Yen Sid's Tower

Nova: Antuari... Sparx... Gibson... Please just be safe. Me and Otto will find a way to save you.

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