Nova and Otto are traveling with their Gilder and they saw a Light

Nova: Otto, what is that?

Otto: It looks like a light.

Then they have been teleported in town, and they saw a a Paopu Tree

Otto: It's that the..

Nova: It is.

They all look at it and they look at their Wayfinder

Otto: Antuari... Sparx... Gibson... Me and Nova we're ready for the storm that's coming.

Then they saw Ace and his friends as kids

Ace: Come on! Slow down!

Duck: Too slow, Ace! See you at the finish line!

Tech: You're gonna lose!

Rev: I will not!

Then Duck win

Duck: I win!

All: (Groan)

Ace: One more time, Duck! You just got lucky from me.

Duck: Yep. My luck has changed.

Then they saw Nova and Otto up there

Ace: Who are they?

They jump down

All: Whoa.

Nova: Those two looks so sincere and smart- just like Antuari and Gibson. And the other ones, that road runner who look so brave like Curious. And that Bunny... He's a spitting image of Sparx. And that big guy.

Otto: He looks so tough like me.

They look so confused for what she said

Otto: One of you might be special enough. Hey, can you guys tell us your names?

Ace: I'm Ace. This is Rev, Tech and Slam. 

Otto: And you?

Duck: I'm Duck.

Nova: Someone pass to that Coyote and that Duck. Was it Antuari?

They look confused

Nova: Ace. Did you like Duck?

Ace: Yeah. He's my best friend since we met each other.

Nova: Great. So then, if something happens, and Duck is about to get lost- or say, he starts wandering down a dark path alone- you make sure you stay with him and keep him safe. That's your job, Ace, and we're counting on you to do it, Alright?

They laugh, and Ace and his Friends left to their Parents

Minutes later

Nova and Otto are sitting down at the Park

Nova: One sword is enough... For any teamwork.

Otto: We learned it the hard way. We wouldn't wish our lives on those kids.

They look at Wayfinder

Nova: Antuari, please- what's to become of us?

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