Gruntilda is talking to the cauldron

Turntile: Dingpot! I want you to be awaken!

Dingpot has been awakened

Dingpot: Why it's Grungy any day, she really takes my breath away.. (Cough)

Gruntilda: Yes, you're right. Then who is beauty then me?

Dingpot: There is a Little girl, who is the Prettiest girl of all!

Gruntilda: Was it Tooty?

Dingpot: ... Yes.

Gruntilda: Great!

Agunimon and the others is spying on them

Agunimon: So that cauldron will know anything?

Dingpot: And even though, Gruntilda. She has a beautiful heart.

Lobomon: Another one? Wait. What if the Leader was here?

Gruntilda: Who's there? Show Yourself.

They came out of their hiding spot

Agunimon: I'm Agunimon. This is Lobomon and Loweemon, we are looking for the leader from those monster. Have you find one?

Gruntilda: I don't know who it was?

They are gonna leave

Gruntilda: Hold on. Maybe... we have a task for you. If complete it. I will ask you where you find the Leader from those monster, you said. Is that a deal?

Lobomon: Okay. And what's it gonna be?

Gruntilda: (chuckled) There is little girl who was a sister to Banjo to her Her name is Tooty Bring her to me. And make sure you don't fail me today.

She show a picture to them

Agunimon: So that little girl is Tooty. I don't get it? You want that heart from a little girl, right?

Gruntilda: If you don't do this task, I'll destroy you. And I have ahd more than enough of her light.

Loweemon: What would she do to you?

Gruntilda: None of your words. Now, do it what I ask. Bring me the Girl, so I can tell you where the leader is.

Agunimon: Where could we find her?

Gruntilda: At the woods. Now go, and bring her to me.

Lobomon: Bring that girl? This Tooty is best chance right now?

Loweemon: Maybe she will know where the leader is.

Agunimon: But happen if..

They remembers what they did to Miya 

Lobomon: No, we can't let that happen.

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