Kumamon, Kotemon and Bearmon made it to this world and they look at mountain

Kumamon: Wow, look at this place.

Bearmon: There's alot of mountains here.

Kotemon: I wonder where we are?

They saw Jamjars and Bottles heading to the cave

Kumamon: I wonder who they is?

Bearmon: Don't know. Let's go check it out.

They went there and they saw them working on something 

Kumamon: What are you guys are doing?

Bottles: (Scream) Who are you?

Bearmon: We are just-

Jamjars: Trying to hurt us? I won't let you do that!

He is escaping except Bottles

Bottles: Sorry about that, my brother always like this.

Kumamon: Look we're not gonna hurt you?

Jamjar: You're not?

Bearmon: Yes.

Jamjars: Well, that mean... you're going to get me!

He ran away, and our Heroes catch him

Kotemon: Look... Mr, we're not gonna hurt you.

Jamjars: If you don't. Why don't you just leave here at once! You're not welcome here!

Kumamon: Alright. We'll leave.

They are going to leave

Bearmon: Um, do you know any place that we can investigated?

Jamjars: Yes, there is Spiral Mountain right over there. You should look everywhere.

Bearmon: Okay, thank you.

They left and they made it here

Kotemon: We're here.

Kumamon: I think this is Spiral Mountain.

Bearmon: Yeah. Let's go investigated.

Then they heard a Scream at the Forest far away

Kotemon: A Scream?

Bearmon: Someone needs help!

They went to the Forest

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